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  • About Us

    The three business principles of how we run Energy Management

    · We build strong business relationships that last
    · We make positive decisions for the long term
    · Everyone at Energy Management shares in our collective success

Who we are: our energy consultancy

Our team consists of a blend of chartered engineers and procurement, contracting and energy efficiency specialists. Between us we have a profound understanding of the energy markets and have won the respect of, and have excellent working relations with, all the major suppliers. 

Many of us have previously worked within the energy industry and we believe that this intimate knowledge of its inner workings brings a more influential and transparent approach to getting the best deals for you.

Meet the team

Who we work with

We currently work with over 140 national and international blue-chip companies with a total portfolio of 4,000+ sites in the UK and overseas. The largest customer we advise has an annual energy spend of £135m but there are always savings and efficiencies we can find if your business usually pays more than £100,000 a year.

We also work with organisations such as The Carbon Trust, DEFRA and OFGEM, attending regular supplier technical presentations so that we keep an up-to-date and accurate picture of how the energy markets and related legislation are moving. This type of information is crucial when it comes to supplier selection and the timing of contract renewals – and saving money!

We are particularly proud of our ongoing association with the Cast Metals Federation and the Aluminium Federation. As a member, both federations recommend Energy Management services to their membership. . Foundries are huge consumers of energy and we have helped members of both federations gain back control of their costs through providing industry-specific data and trends as well as expert advice on tariffs, invoicing and suppliers.

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What we do for our energy consultancy customers

On a day-to-day basis, we save you money and manage the risk of the volatile energy market on your behalf. In a nutshell:

‘We do the work while you pay less for your energy’

From the moment you join us – whether for energy procurement or water savings – we set up a small, specialist team dedicated to you and your business so that we can immediately start to build a mutually beneficial working relationship. Your dedicated Account Manager, Business Account Manager and Customer Account Manager act swiftly to resolve any issues and pool their knowledge and expertise so that the level of service is tailored to you.

Find out more about Energy Management’s five key areas of business by clicking below.

· Energy procurement · Budget management · Energy efficiency · Legislation and compliance · Water savings

You’ll be amazed at how much time and money we can save you!

Call us on 01225 867722 or fill out our form for a free business energy quote