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Energy management compliance and legislation rules are constantly changing and being updated by governments to reflect the changing needs of society and the impact of energy use on the environment. Keeping up to date with legislation and compliance measures whilst balancing rising energy costs with the latest low-cost energy saving solutions can be a challenge for many businesses. That’s where Energy Management can help by keeping you abreast of these areas so that you can manage your energy use more effectively leading to greater energy efficiencies in the workplace.

Energy Performance Certificates

As Energy Management consultants, we know how simple it is to save money and energy on little things. For a business or a private rented property, it is desirable to have a minimum energy performance rating of E on their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). The band of ‘E’ in your EPC displays SAP points ranging from 39-54 which isn’t the least efficient, but it definitely isn’t the most efficient either. The bands range from A-G with A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient. The Standard Assessment Procedure, also known as the SAP rating, is a recommended system from the government to produce a home energy rating. To improve your SAP points, there are a range of different improvements you can make to create a more energy efficient environment. Some improvements include adding captivity insulation, a condensing boiler, roof insulation, double glazing, low energy lighting, and any other improvements that will save you wasting energy. Each of these improvements will, of course, save you money each year, so it’s a win win situation! Your Energy Performance Certificate will also take into consideration your environmental impact CO2 rating, your estimated energy use, carbon dioxide emissions and fuel costs and recommended measures to help you to improve your homes energy efficiency performance.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

In the UK, businesses are found to be accountable for about half of greenhouse gas emissions, and because we have a legal target to reduce these emissions by 80% in 2050, that puts a huge amount of responsibility into the hands of our businesses to enhance their energy efficiency. The mandatory Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme was put in place to ensure businesses do their bit for our environment by regularly reviewing and assessing consumption. Businesses that qualify for compliance legally must appoint a lead energy assessor provided by the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme. This assessor will be there to conduct reviews and recommend measures that can be taken to improve energy efficiency and cut wastage but also should report back to the Environment Agency with any compliance issues that may arise.

Businesses that employ 250 or more employees and have a turnover of at least £38,937,777 must have the ESOS regulations applied to them. However, little can actually done about enforcing the recommendations that the ESOS assessors advice, it is up to each individual business themselves to make the move in turning the recommendations into energy-saving actions, but if it meant saving money in the long-term, why wouldn’t you? Businesses that enforce more energy efficient rules and regulations also have been found to build better relationships with customers and supply chains, as many people believe a greener business to be a more appealing one.

After explaining a few of the energy management compliance and legislation rules, you may be starting to feel overwhelmed with all the little things that you didn’t consider before and how you could be wasting your energy. Energy Management Ltd are here to ensure you abide by these legislation and compliance rulings and feel at ease and happy with your businesses energy efficiency. For more information on our services or on how we can best advise you to get well on your way to a more energy efficient company, contact us directly or have a browse of our website.

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Last month, the UK’s chancellor, Philip Hammond, announced his second annual Budget speech about what we will be spending or saving our money on. One thing he mentioned was “We cannot keep our promise to the next generation to build an economy fit for the future, unless we ensure our planet has a future.” But has he really taken this comment seriously enough to make a big change in our energy consumption and take climate change seriously? As Energy Efficiency Consultants, Energy Management are slightly disappointed in the amount of effort and commitment made to make a greener economy and also the lack of mention about climate change.

Although a push on the use of electric cars was mentioned as well as a push for tackling the plastic wastage that is affecting the environment, climate change or recognising the need for more renewable energy wasn’t particularly well addressed. The budget confirmed that, until 2025, there will be no funds for renewable energy projects levied through the electricity bills to help keep the cost of energy down. It was also mentioned that until the burden of energy costs start falling, the government will not be introducing low carbon electricity levies. There was not much detail stated about the change in carbon dioxide tax. It seems that there will be a freeze on the country’s tax on carbon dioxide emissions from power sectors, which will give people no reason to try and limit the emissions they are releasing into the atmosphere. Energy Efficiency Consultants try to urge businesses to make that slight difference to our environment and society; a little goes a long way.

Many people are recognising that the government’s lack of ambition and commitment towards clean energy completely contradicts the ‘Clean Growth Strategy’ that was announced last month.

The director of the environmental policy group, Aldersgate, explained that to cost-effectively reduce emissions to hugely benefit our environment and the issue of climate change, and also to continue that hard work we have put in to grow a renewable energy supply, the UK needs a policy environment that allows it to deploy mature low-carbon technologies and keep the door open to improvements in new technologies.

The Energy & Utilities Alliance even made recommendations prior to the Autumn Budget and explained how vital it is that we consider the effect that energy and emission wastage is having on our society. They have found that nearly 40,000 deaths a year are attributable to exposure to outdoor pollution. This isn’t to be used as a scare tactic but it is just to show how important it is that we limit the amount of pollution and emissions into the atmosphere as much as possible and how it really can affect our life span and quality of living. A few of the recommendations the Energy & Utilities Alliance made were:

  • To consider the role that natural gas can play - providing a viable alternative to diesel in public transport and the heavy vehicles sector.

  • Replace old and inefficient boilers - they not only cost the consumer, but also cost the environment – with higher CO2 emissions, compared to a modern condensing boiler.

  • They urge the government to ensure that the forthcoming budget recognises the importance of reducing carbon emissions by 2030, to 1990 levels - tackling issues pertaining to decarbonisation, air quality and fuel poverty.

Although our government has decided to use the Autumn budget on other - just as important, don’t get us wrong - issues, it doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference ourself to the issues of climate change, energy wastage and carbon dioxide emissions contaminating our environment. By simply keeping track of the energy and electricity we might be wasting and turning off plugs when they are not needed, shutting our computers down over the weekend etc, we can all make a big difference. Energy Efficiency Consultants can help you achieve exactly that and help you save money in the process. For more information on how Energy Management can assist you then please get in contact with us or browse our website to see what services we have to offer.

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We use huge amounts of energy every day without even realising it; energy that we could make an effort to monitor so as not to waste it. An energy consultancy can help your business save any unnecessary energy, such as turning lights off when they are not needed, or making sure all computers are completely switched off over the weekends (not just on standby).

Many people think an energy consultancy wouldn’t benefit them, that their business doesn’t use too much energy so why pay for someone to do it when you could do it yourself? But in reality using an Energy Consultancy offers an opportunity to save you time and money better invested in the business. Energy costs are rising, yet other priorities in the business can mean that it gets overlooked. At Energy Management it is our business so we can take away the hassle of trying to monitor energy usage and save you money in the process.

As well as saving your business money, using an energy consultancy is also hugely beneficial to our society and the environment, which is already drastically changing. We hear about the starving polar bears losing their habitats, and other animals being massively affected by pollution and global warming, yet we do nothing about it? Regardless of the size of your business you can make a difference.  

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) has stated that given the current trends, if we don’t make the effort to make a change then energy-related emissions will have increased by 70% in 2050. So without the little changes we could make in everyday life, the environment around us and our society could be slowly destroyed.

Without considering our wasted energy usage and taking action, our carbon footprint will be on a constant incline. The greenhouse gases that are produced will carry on emitting radiation into our atmosphere, adding to the global warming that is occurring now, which is destroying animal populations and changing local ecosystems.

Another affect our electricity wastage has is the amount of gases released into the air, which then lead to air pollution and smog. What many people don’t know, is that when smog is released into the atmosphere, it can actually cause acid rain as it can contaminate precipitation.

The increased risk of climate change alongside the air, soil and land pollution can cause illnesses to not only wildlife and their habitats, but also to humans. The contaminated gases that are breathed in without realising can cause long-lasting damage and will eventually cause humans to have a much shorter lifespan than the average today.

As well as causing harm to the environment and its inhabitants, overuse of electricity could contribute to a scarcity in energy supply. Not only will rise in demand place a burden on environmental areas, but it will also result in higher energy costs for us all. Fuel and energy bills will increase and affect the appreciable return on investment you were hoping for. So a wiser, greener use of electricity will eventually turn into long-term savings for your business.

These are just a few effects that energy wastage can have on our society, that we can all play a small, yet effective part in reducing. Just simply by making small steps, like unplugging devices when they are not in use, turning your computer off - not just putting it on standby, and turning lights off when you leave a room, we can make a difference. An energy consultancy, such as Energy Management, can help you along the way, and with our expert knowledge in this industry, we can minimise your energy costs and put you back in control, of your business and of our society.

For more information on our energy consultancy services or for some advice on your energy budget and how to minimise wasted costs, contact us on 01225 867722 or fill out our form for a free consultation.

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As companies across the UK and beyond feel the squeeze brought about by economic insecurity and rising costs, it’s no wonder some turn to business energy efficiency consultants to help gain extra savings where they are possible.

Getting the best business energy deals

As with most businesses, data helps us uncover trends and ultimately energy savings that are available for the business consumer.

Claiming back on energy bills

But it’s not just about getting the best deal, our processes can often mean we find businesses just like yours have been overpaying for many years, and we help then claim back the money that is rightfully theirs. Utility bill validation is a service that most organisations can benefit from, not only saving you the time of scouring bills but making that claim on your behalf too.

Finding energy saving solutions

We identify your energy usage and find the best deal, for sure, but we use technology and data to see exactly which parts of your business use the most, and determine if there is a viable, affordable change your business can implement that may cost a little now, but will reap the financial benefits further down the line, month on month.

Simple things like using systems that only turn lighting on when and where it is needed have helped large organisations save thousands and thousands. These systems may not be right for your business, but our experience and wealth of data about companies similar to yours, plus your own data will guide us to the best solutions for you, no matter what industry sector you are in, or what type of building you work from.

Meeting energy targets

Often larger organisations will need to meet legislative targets such as the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), and outsourcing the help required to make companies compliant is often far more economical than hiring and training staff, or even not meeting those targets and facing financial penalties of up to £90,000.

With ESOS phase 2 deadline being December 2019, now really is the time to start thinking about your options if you are a larger organisation with more than 250 employees, a turnover of more than 50,000,000 euros and an annual balance sheet of more than 43,000,000 euros.

Of course, ESOS is one of many, and we pride ourselves on staying ahead of new Governmental initiatives, and relaying our knowledge to our clients both quickly and effectively, in a way that is easily understood.

Energy Accreditations

Gaining awards and accreditations help your prospective clients, stakeholders and employees understand a little more about your business and it’s morals, ethics and best practices, and we can help you gain energy accreditations that say you care about the environment and the world we live in. From ISO50001 and ISO14001, to carbon footprinting and climate change agreements, Energy Management can help.


Energy Management LLP are Business Energy Efficiency Consultants with many years of experience and an excellent customer service record. We have saved many businesses many thousands of pounds. In addition to that, below is a summary of some great reasons to choose us as your Energy partner.

  • Reduce energy bills

  • Improve business efficiency

  • Comply with legislation

  • Gain energy accreditations

What next?

Taking the next steps is simple. Our dedicated team of business energy efficiency consultants are trained, ready and willing to help you make significant savings and gains.

If you would like to find out more information about the roles our energy consultants have in helping you with your energy procurement, or energy efficiency needs, contact us today. Call Energy Management’s energy consultants on: 01225 867722 or complete our contact form.

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We all know Winter is the time our heat and light sources go on and our energy bills go up, but this doesn’t have to be the case! There are many ways to stay warm and keep your staff happy whilst also saving money for the most expensive month of the year (the dreaded Christmas expenditure). Our Energy Saving Consultants are here to offer you their top tips on energy saving to keep your staff AND your business as happy and healthy as possible. Saving energy not only allows you to save money, but it also makes you more competitive as a company and also cuts your carbon emissions which is the first step to saving the environment. There are simple ways to do this and you won’t even notice anything has changed.

  • IT equipment such as computers and printers burn a lot of energy. Most people believe putting them on standby stops them using up energy, that is where they are wrong. You should encourage your staff to turn their computers, printers, photocopiers off when they are not using them and especially make sure they are turned off when no one is there and at weekends and bank holidays. You could also suggest using the energy saving features on computers and laptops whilst in use. It is estimated that you could save £35 per desk a year by doing all of this.
  • Lighting is usually a large part of an electricity bill and it certainly doesn’t need to me. Many offices have their lights on when they can see just as easily with the natural light coming through the window. You also should encourage staff to switch a light off when it’s not needed and when they are leaving a room that will then be empty. Another good method of saving energy with lighting is by using energy saving light bulbs or motion sensors which turn on when they detect movement.

  • Heating and air conditioning systems are sometimes turned on when they don’t need to be. Also, you wouldn’t believe the amount of companies that actually have their heating systems and air conditioning on and running at the same time, which then cancel each other out, think of the energy that is wasting! So try and encourage your workers to bring an extra jumper to put on and only turn the heating on when it is really needed.

  • Another simple tip to help you on your way to making your workplace energy efficient is by simply creating a tea and coffee rota. Instead of boiling the kettle separate times, take it in turns to go and make a drink for one another, that way you don’t boil the kettle as often and don’t waste as much energy.

  • An extremely important tip that can be done by every company, is to create an energy saving plan. Within this you could incorporate all of the points spoken about previously and also compare your meter readings at the beginning and end of the week and also compare to a week before you created this plan. You can agree on actions and set targets for your company to meet. To add even more incentive for your staff to cooperate, you could even reward success.

These are just a few suggestions from our energy saving consultants to help you save energy, money and help our environment. To make this even easier for you, you could employ an energy consultant to do this work for you and create reports on the latest  knowledge in the energy industry and tailor these to your individual needs as a company. For more information on our Energy Saving Consultants and how we can assist your business, contact us or visit our website. You can also contact us if you need some more advice and information on how to make your business energy efficient.

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We may not realise it, but as the days go on, the air we breathe in and the water we drink becomes more and more contaminated. The energy we are using day to day is increasing the amount of greenhouse gases and other forms or air pollution that is emitted, this also affects our water and land around us.

Also, as Winter is upon us, we all automatically use much more energy compared to the rest of the year, we turn up the heating and use more lighting in the dark mornings and evenings. This is why using an energy consultancy will greatly benefit your business as well as the environment and society around us without us even realising!

Why does my business need an Energy Consultancy?.. I hear you ask…

There are many benefits of using an Energy Consultancy, here are a few:

  • You will be saving money - unnecessary energy spend is usually a very big part of a business’ budget and therefore if you get the option to lower that spend, why not take it? An Energy Consultancy can help allocate and adjust your resources and usages where you need them the most and save money on the energy you are using that you don’t need to be.
  • Can access and monitor the regularly adjusting energy markets - hiring an in-house energy manager will probably mean that their day to day duties and responsibilities will go beyond focusing solely on energy consumption and they will take on other jobs that need doing. Using an energy consultant means their primary job is to help look for ways to use your energy efficiently and that means they will be able to watch the markets full time and make reports on what they have noticed whenever they want. Another benefit of using an energy consultant rather than an in-house energy manager, is that they won’t need to be added to your business payroll.

  • You will be receiving independent advice - the advice you get given from an energy consultant will be tailored to your particular business, and after getting to know your company and what it does, an energy consultant can work out the best way to use energy most efficiently without given any biased advice. Also, with professional reporting and reviews, an energy consultant can identify patterns through your use of energy and highlight when the peaks occur to be able to take a closer look into the energy demands of the business.

Not only does investing in an Energy Consultancy benefit your business, but as mentioned previously, it also hugely benefits the environment and as a result, our health. So while you're saving yourself money, you can also feel pride in the sense that you are having a positive impact in the future of our society. Using an energy consultancy contributes to benefits in our public health as increasing energy consumption leads to pollutions, which, over time, causes our health to decline. Contaminated soil destroys habitats and also overpopulation is causing more developments being built on our land and also more carbon dioxide to be released into the air, which goes back to the issue of pollution and the health risks. Keeping a close eye on your energy consumption and using an energy consultancy to assist you in doing this can have a long-term effect on our environment and the people around us.

We hear about the mass of pollution in Southeast Asia, in countries like China and Japan, to the point where normal citizens have to wear masks in their day to day lives in an attempt to avoid potential health risks from the amount of contamination in the air. We all can have a say in stopping unnecessary energy pollution and its negative effects before it’s too late and we too have to wear a mask for a trip to the shop or whilst on our way to work.

For more information on our Energy Consultancy services and how to increase your energy efficiency rating, feel free to contact us on 01225 867722 or complete our form for a free consultation to reduce your energy costs. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Energy Management Legislation and Compliance

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Our environment remains very paramount to our coexistence, for better and healthy living. There are reports of drastic climate change and weather patterns due to the emissions released into the environment as a result of increasing energy consumption. It’s important for all stakeholders to be concerned of the well being of the environment. In this respect, various stakeholders have come up with measures to regulate emissions and energy consumption. Various governments, NGOs, regulators, and other parties have come together to develop climate change agreements and other regulations. These are ideas meant to reduce our energy consumption and protect our environment from pollution. The carbon reduction commitment (CRC) is part of the energy efficiency scheme in the United Kingdom with aim to reduce carbon emissions in the environment. ESOS is another energy efficiency systems requiring companies to undertake audit of their energy consumption.

However, many businesses and personnel are opposed to these legislation and regulations, citing cost and other challenges that make the implementation difficult. Nevertheless, there are many advantages associated with the compliance as opposed to their rejections. This is because the regulations and legislation are not only beneficial to the business but the environment and other stakeholders. Moreover, though the initial costs may be higher on the part of the business, future costs will greatly be reduced. Costs associated with legal litigations will be reduced. If you have any issue regarding the management and compliance, consider seeking energy management legislation and compliance.

Energy management are experts in energy legislation and compliance regulations, carbon trust, and ESOS. We are professionals dedicated to ensure that businesses find the necessary help they need in energy efficiency systems and other issues. The company offers its expertise in a range of services ranging from management to advice. If you are having difficulties with any aspect of your energy management and compliance, or with energy legislation and regulations, then you should consider seeking help from our energy management legislation and compliance team. You can be assured of efficiency and cost saving. Get help today.

For more information about how Energy Management can help you or if you want us to answer any of your queries then contact us, we are happy to help.

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Go Greener With Business Energy Consultants

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So far in our lives, we have seen a large range of advances throughout the world, whether that be technological, scientific, medical or other. However, the state of our environment is worsening with many concerning issues arising. The way we treat the environment and the amount of unnecessary energy we use within our businesses is causing more harm than we expect and with quite worrying outcomes all over the world. Some concerning environmental issues we are noticeably seeing changes in are:

  • Public Health - the amount of polluted air and water surrounding us is constantly increasing and this plays a significant role in our health, this pollution is causing our health and wellness to decline. Another issue causing pollution is the limited amount of natural land and developments being built in any spot of undeveloped land around. With more houses and a higher population, more gasses are being released into the air creating more pollution and poorer health.

  • Waste Disposal - rubbish and waste disposal usually ends up in either landfills or environmental habitats like the ocean. Both of these destinations can cause harm to the environment whether that is through the harm it can cause to living creatures in the sea or through the hazardous toxins that are released if it is burnt.

  • Overpopulation - this is causing more carbon dioxide to be released into the air and also it comes with the cost of climate change and more greenhouse gasses surrounding us. Renewable energy sources and sustainable energy can assist in the reduction of carbon emissions, also keeping a close eye on the amount the energy you are using compared to the energy you actually need can help monitor what we emit into the environment.

  • Pollution -  Air, water and soil are all capable of becoming polluted. Contaminated water is undrinkable, contaminated air causes health issues as stated previously and also weakens the ozone layer whilst contaminated soil destroys habitats and irrigation. This majorly affects us as humans but if we take more care of the ecosystem and make sustainable choices we could recover from pollution.

These are just some of the issues caused by the environmental change we are seeing. However, we can all make a difference in a simple way. Business Energy Consultants can help you monitor what energy you need to be using and create reports to help you save the environment whilst saving money! As business energy consultants, we can also take into consideration your historical energy data and can help estimate your budgets taking into account consumption and future rates. We will offer a small team dedicated to your business and create a plan around your wants and needs as well as a strategy that is independent to you.

To find out more about our Business Energy Consultants and the other services we can offer, visit our website or contact us directly for more information on how you can play a part in saving the environment. We also offer a free consultation to help reduce your energy costs.

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Business Energy Advice – Needs and Benefits

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Energy bills do take a heavy toll not only on households but businesses as well. However, business energy requirements and consumption are considerably higher when compared to domestic settings. Advice from established business energy consultants can help companies make well informed cost-effective decisions when investing in energy solutions and utilities. Backed by in-depth knowledge about the energy industry, we bring you the best of business energy advisory services - including product recommendations, energy market reports and negotiation skills that will help fulfil business energy needs without burning a hole in your pockets.

Business energy contracts do require careful consideration of several factors, including but not limited to:

• Energy supplier

• Energy tariff plans

• Energy rates at different times of the day

• Actual energy requirement (based on the type of business)

• Refunds or discounts (if applicable)

Looking for a new energy contract? Need help negotiating price, payment modes or flexible terms? As business energy consultants, we can help you better understand your energy needs and the different solutions at hand, as well as help you pick the rightly priced energy deal that meets the requirements.

Energy needs and associated expenses are bound to vary based on the nature and scale of the business. However, minimising waste of energy and optimising its consumption does go a long way in reducing energy bills. Our consultants can guide you in your efforts to cut energy costs.

You will be able to:

• Effectively compare deals from multiple energy suppliers

• Keep track of changing regulations and fluctuating energy prices

• Implement energy efficiency initiatives with expert advice

Signing up for energy consultancy services can help businesses keep energy costs under control without having to recruit an energy specialist for the job. Our experience in this field enables us to address industry-specific energy consumption needs and efficient energy utilisation.

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All businesses can benefit from the employment of an energy consultancy all year round, but we can present an even bigger benefit during the winter months. The freezing temperatures and dull days don’t have to mean an increase in your energy costs, in fact you can even cut costs in the winter! You will no longer have to have freezing cold employees doing their work in the dark, we can help you please your staff making them more productive as well as save money!

Employing an Energy Consultancy can have many benefits, a few of those benefits are:

  • You get independent advice

  • They identify patterns

  • Look at different options to cost savings

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Ongoing advice

Energy Management offer a budget management service in which we consider how much energy consumption is necessary for each individual company and also we will talk through what type of contract is preferred, whether that be fixed or flexible. We get to know your business and future plans and monitor the energy markets all day to make the best decisions for YOU!

The winter months may see you turning up your company heater, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have to spend more money. Our Energy Consultancy service makes sure your company energy efficiency is increased, resulting in more substantial savings. We make sure your unique energy profile is being reviewed regularly to provide and alter the energy planning necessary for your business and tailored to your needs. The government has also recently introduced the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) bringing energy usage within businesses is being monitored, with recommendations for improvements to buildings, systems and processes key to the scheme’s success.

If you think your business will benefit from our Energy Consultancy and want to find out some more information, visit our website or contact us. We are happy to give advice and help with any queries.

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