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  • Budget management

Budget management

‘We do the work while you pay less for your energy’

Keeping your energy expenditure in check is recognised as hard work. It’s not a question of setting up a gas or electricity supply and letting it run, there’s too much at stake. Consideration needs to be given to whether your company’s consumption varies or will vary year on year; what type of contract – fixed or flexible – you feel more comfortable with; the location of your sites; how closely you should monitor the ever-changing energy markets, and not forgetting the important role of invoice validation.

In short, your energy budget needs to be proactively managed for best results, which is where Energy Management comes in.

We get to know your business and future plans, we have access to your historical energy consumption and we monitor the energy markets, all day, every day. We have all the pieces of the jigsaw to hand to help you manage your energy budgets, including our unique in-house budget management software. We use this at the outset to estimate your annual budget then monitor its performance throughout the budget period.

See an example of our Energy Management Budget Report

energy management budget report

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Our experience has shown that there are surprisingly high numbers of invoicing errors from energy suppliers. Energy Managements invoice validations team will identify and put these mistakes right. Read more on our invoice validation services
At Energy Management, our many years’ experience handling new connections has proved to be worth its weight in gold. We deal with complex existing and new infrastructure upgrades, smoothly managing the various suppliers. Read more on our new supplies management services

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