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  • Invoice validation

Invoice validation

There isn’t a kWh of energy that moves in our customers’ businesses without us validating it.

Our experience has shown that there are surprisingly high numbers of invoicing errors from energy suppliers. Energy Management’s invoice validation teams will identify and put these mistakes right. We use specialist software to monitor your accounts and to highlight where things are going wrong. With spectacular results!

We saved one of our customers over £13,000 a year in reduced distribution charges because of an error in DUOSs rates and, under statute of limitations, we were able to apply this saving going back six years.

Another customer benefited by £27,000 a year because we challenged the network operator’s assumption of their high voltage sub-station classification. It all came down to where the metering transformers were housed in the sub-station and it was our technical knowledge that enabled us to get to the bottom of the opportunity.

A comprehensive review of the suitability of existing available capacities across one customer’s portfolio resulted in an annual cost reduction of over £220,000 in monthly charges and, of course, the benefit of this saving occurs every year into the future.

Another customer is delighted with the £100,000 savings we identified in the initial contract year. We found errors with inaccurate meter readings, wrongly applied correction and volume factors, incorrect contract structure billing, CCL and VAT charges – and this was with a supplier recognised by the industry’s regulators as providing good customer service.

In such a specialist area data accuracy is everything. We 100% invoice validate which also drives our budget reporting, and this consumption accuracy enables suppliers to quote with more confidence, therefore adding less of a risk premium. All of which converts into further savings for customers, over and above the invoice errors we detect, and great peace of mind that our team ‘is doing the work while you pay less for your energy’.

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