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New connections


The excitement and momentum of your company’s success and expansion, along with the need to take on new buildings and sites, can sometimes feel like it’s overshadowed by the huge amount of paperwork required to enable equipment to be installed and quickly productive. Included in this potential administrative headache is the increased energy need, either through increasing supply or creating a new connection, both of which are areas that can be complex and potentially costly if they are not approached correctly. 

At Energy Management, our business energy consultants many years’ experience in handling new connections has proved to be worth its weight in gold. We deal with complex existing and new infrastructure upgrades, smoothly managing the various suppliers. We deal with all aspects of the network, metering and energy providers, and early in the process can identify the likely timescales involved and the right solution that will meet your deadline. 

We take away the workload and stress by making sure the new supply is managed and energised in good time to support the bigger project, and at minimum cost. 

A recent complex project involving a 15 MVA new connection resulted in our customer benefiting from a £30,000 saving. The Energy Management team secured this positive result by negotiating progressive capacity availability directly with the network operator. 

In another instance our customer benefited from the team’s knowledge, by achieving the early completion on supply re-enforcement, saving the business from additional overheads, loss of production and having to use a restrictive and expensive temporary energy source. Energy Management achieved savings of £18,000 on energy use alone…

Once you’re up and running
Our involvement doesn’t just stop because you’ve signed the contract. Once the supply starts we monitor your usage and charges to ensure that these not only reflect the contracts in place but also maximise further savings once your building becomes fully operational.

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