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  • Tendering & negotiation

Tendering and negotiation

What type of business are you?

Perhaps you are multi-sited and need the security and peace of mind of knowing that fixed contracts have been negotiated across different regions and countries to suit your different sites. Or perhaps you have one main site and are keen to reap the potential rewards of having a more flexible agreement with your energy supplier.

Whatever type of business you are, we’re sure that you want to minimise your costs, get your energy budgets under control and remain in control while reducing your workload. Your key support in making big decisions about energy supply must come from well-informed, well-connected energy procurement professionals.

At Energy Management, we are well connected and well informed. We use our many years’ experience in analysing the energy market, along with our excellent working relationships with all the major suppliers and the latest internet-based technology, to help you make purchasing decisions. We will negotiate agreements based on crucial factors; type, duration and the timing of energy contracts. We will then set automated energy market Sentry Alarms that will trigger action to ensure we keep on negotiating favourable terms throughout the life of the contract.

Our approach

  • We get to know you and your sites so that we can compile a set of accurate data with which to approach a number of energy suppliers
  • Our excellent supplier relationships mean we can swiftly identify the right suppliers for your preferred type of contract, your sites and your location. Our hands-on approach highlights, and can often reduce or eliminate, any risks passed through by the supplier
  • We actively promote your business to the tendering suppliers to make sure we gain a good response
  • We negotiate prices and contractual terms on your behalf, making sure terms and conditions are watertight and that we have the best and most appropriate price for you
  • We present our recommendations to you
  • We work to obtain credit clearance and swift set-up with your new arrangement.

After the deal is done...
We continue to tailor our services for you. We report accurately and transparently on your energy accounts, constantly monitoring the markets for trends or price fluctuations so that you can make informed, positive decisions.

We help you make sure your energy procurement strategy remains proactive within the market. Perpetual tender, for example, will see your future rates continuously benchmarked and the opportunity to renew contracts regularly assessed.

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  • “The high standard of friendliness, courtesy, professionalism, expertise and efficiency of the staff has not diminished in the five years we have been using Energy Management’s services. Our account is still being managed by the same team of people – inspiring confidence and an in-depth understanding of our business needs.”

    Penny Hope, Deputy Bursar (Finance), The King’s School, Worcester

You’ll be amazed at how much time and money we can save you!

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