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  • Legislation & compliance

Energy Management legislation and compliance

"They’ve descrambled the increasing legislation and regulation surrounding energy so we’re ESOS compliant and working with the Carbon Trust.”

“In tendering for new business within the public sector, for example, our 10-point plan work with the Carbon Trust and other sustainability criteria that show Restore’s commitment to the environment, have pulled us through the due diligence stages to help us win several large contracts.”
David English, Commercial Director, Restore Document Management

The Carbon Reduction Commitment and the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme are just a couple of the more recent additions to the range of energy-related legislation in place. From the outside, sustainability regulations can appear rather daunting, possibly very costly to implement. Complying with legislation in the UK and the EU can be simpler than it looks, however, and certainly unlocks opportunities to improve efficiency, enhance your business’ green credentials and your bottom line.

What we do

Our knowledge and practical experience of all that the journey to energy management compliance and beyond entails – whether the rules are mandatory, voluntary or reputational – means we can advise you on all areas of compliance, including: ensuring your company culture moves towards a more sustainable mind-set, making buildings more efficient, to actively working with suppliers and other organisations to reduce your carbon footprint.

What you’ll gain

  • Costs driven down
  • Compliance achieved
  • Risk managed
  • Reputation enhanced
  • Company-wide benefits for people and properties
  • Peace of mind

‘We do the work while you pay less for your energy’

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