The multi-faceted skill set possessed by our team of consultants enables us to provide tailor-made energy management and engineering solutions across a wide range of industries. Whether the project is customer led or driven by compliance or grant funding, we can offer expert advice and guidance so that you make the most of the energy-saving opportunities available through the various government schemes we’ve listed below.

Climate Change Agreement

Climate Change Agreement (CCA) is a voluntary UK scheme with a dual purpose of protecting energy intensive sectors in the UK subject to overseas competition and driving improvements in energy efficiency within those sectors. Over 50 industry sectors are covered by the scheme which has been running since 2001. In return for meeting certain efficiency targets, financial relief is given in the form of a reduction, or exemption, in ‘carbon’ taxes such as the 'Climate Change Levy (CCL) and Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC)' – worth over £22.5 million a year across the sector. CCL accounted for the larger share (roughly 57%) as it covers electricity, gas, oil and LPG whereas CRC is only applied to electricity and gas.

Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme

Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) applies to large UK undertakings and their corporate groups. It requires businesses, not-for-profit bodies and any other non-public sector undertakings with over 250 employees to undertake an energy audit.

Quality Assurance for Combined Heat and Power

Quality Assurance for Combined Heat and Power (CHPQA) is a voluntary scheme run by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), now part of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, which covers a wide range of different sized companies and technologies. Participants with good quality CHP are then eligible for a range of financial benefits such as CCL exemption and enhanced capital allowances (ECAs).

Monitoring and Targeting

Understanding where and how energy is being used is the first step to improving energy efficiency. Energy Management have extensive experience in specifying and installing complete Monitoring and Targeting packages, tailored to your organisation’s requirements, that measure, record, analyse, report and communicate meaningful energy data to enable businesses to manage the energy it uses.

Primary and secondary metering is usually the source of the original data and can include consumptions from utilities including gas, electricity and water. An automatic meter reading (AMR) system will capture, retrieve and store consumptions which can then be analysed to produce and communicate management reports.

On-site Energy Management Support

We offer a range of energy management services designed to help organisations that do not have a full-time energy manager or the necessary in-house expertise. Our flexible support packages are tailored to fit your needs with minimal disruption and outstanding service levels. Whether you need assistance with a specific project – such as the provision of a new energy supply - or help in achieving certain goals, we will be able to recommend and implement practical energy-related solutions that ultimately save you money, improve efficiency and ensure compliance.

Operations & Maintenance

Every building's energy consumption can benefit from rigorous operations and maintenance (O&M) practices. Properly planned and executed O&M is one of the most cost-effective strategies for ensuring equipment longevity, reliability, safety and energy efficiency in commercial buildings. The wealth of engineering experience possessed by our team allows us to identify areas where simple O&M measures may work just as effectively as costlier system upgrades in bringing your energy usage down.

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