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In April 2017, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) introduced major changes to the water and waste water market that opened up water supply and demand in England and Wales like never before.

Our in-house expertise in water procurement allied to investment in new systems means we are best-placed to help you take advantage of the opportunities that this increased competition brings.

Energy Management has a proven track record in negotiating new deals for users both in terms of price and improved service level as well as helping you have better control over your water bills.

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Water Procurement - Case Studies

Client A: A £multi-billion International Corporation specialising in state of the art digital services

Task: Procurement

Services provided: Energy Management, through their expertise and numerous supplier relationships, not only reduced client A’s water supply/discharge costs by 19.00% but also secured actual monthly meter reading and billing. A 3-year fixed term contract with flexible payment terms has been secured.

Outcome: Cost reduction 19.00% with 3-year Fixed Term Contract.

Client B: A multi-site fuel station group

Task: Procurement/Consolidated Billing

Services provided: Energy Management, through their expertise in multi-site contracts, reduced client B’s water supply/discharge costs by 14.0% and also secured a 3-year fixed term contract with a 1 & 2-year break clause.

Energy Management negotiated consolidated billing of multiple sites into one invoice. This allowed the account to be managed more efficiently, reducing the process of administering numerous invoices and payments.

Outcome: 14% cost reduction with 3-year Fixed Term Contract with 1 & 2-year break clause. Single invoice covering multiple sites.

Client C: A multi-site Data Solutions PLC

Task: Account Management/Leakage Detection

Services provided: Energy Management, through negotiation, reduced the billing period from 6 months to 1 month. This allowed the account manager to monitor water usage on each of the sites more effectively. By managing the account efficiently, our bespoke software highlighted a leakage issue which was resolved quickly and saved the client 30.6% in terms of water use.

In addition, Energy Management prepared and submitted a successful “leak allowance” application to the supplier which reduced water costs for a single station by £29,866 per year.

Outcome: Reduced Billing Period from 6 to 1 month. Leak Detection saving 50%. Leak Allowance saving of £29,866 p.a.

Client D: A large fish processing facility

Task: Account Management/Water Efficiency Review

Services provided: Energy Management arranged a survey (Water Efficiency Review) of the current facility. The survey identified possible savings of at least 20%. Energy Management arranged for Data Loggers to be installed so that accurate monitoring of the account could be achieved. This monitoring highlighted to the client when equipment on site had been left running.

Outcome: Working with the client to reduce water cost by 20% through efficient water system & monitoring.

Data logger output

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