About us

The Energy People

Gary Weston founded Energy Management when he realised his many years of industry experience could helpfully guide others through the energy procurement minefield. Gary’s engineering background and the knowledge he gained running Southern Electric’s industrial sales and marketing teams have proven invaluable in establishing Energy Management at the forefront of the energy management industry.

Energy Management joined the Zenergi family in February 2021. Zenergi is an energy and environmental consultancy aiming to make a positive difference in the world of energy and to do so in a manner that is simple, sustainable and achievable. Zenergi is proud to have launched its social value strategy, Powering a Sustainable Future, an ambitious plan that confirms the group’s numerous commitments to helping reduce its impact on the planet and tackling some of the largest challenges facing humanity. Zenergi’s long-term ambition for the future of energy is to help customers reach their vision of energy freedom, and to invest in building a future that supports those organisations through the transition to net zero.

Engineering expertise and technical know-how runs through the company’s DNA, enabling us to identify and implement energy-saving or energy efficiency opportunities that other energy management companies purely involved in energy procurement might miss. Naturally, we provide all the services you’d associate with a standard energy management consultancy too, and we do them very well, such as energy and water procurement, invoice validation, compliance and legislation, smart meter management and so on, but the wealth of in-house engineering experience really does set us apart from the rest.

The Personal Touch

The comprehensive range of skills and wealth of practical insight our team provides means Energy Management can offer unique turnkey energy and water management solutions to businesses of any size. We currently work national and international blue-chip companies with a total portfolio thousands of supplies in the UK and overseas.

From the moment you come on board with us, we set up a small, specialist team dedicated to you and your business so that we can immediately start to build a mutually beneficial working relationship. Your dedicated key account manager, business account manager and customer account manager act swiftly to resolve any issues and pool their knowledge and expertise so that the level of service is tailored to your needs.

Team Players

We are particularly proud of our ongoing association with the Cast Metals Federation, the Aluminium Federation and The Food & Drink Federation. As a member of those organisations, we’re able to help fellow members gain back control of their costs by providing industry-specific data and trends as well as expert advice on tariffs, invoicing and suppliers.

We also work with organisations such as BEIS and OFGEM, attending regular supplier technical presentations so that we keep an up-to-date and accurate picture of how the energy markets and related legislation are moving. This type of information is crucial when it comes to supplier selection and the timing of contract renewals – and saving money!

The Prompt Payment Code

We are pleased to be an Approved Signatory of the Prompt Payment Code. The Prompt Payment Code (PPC) sets standards for payment practices and best practice and is administered by the Chartered Institute of Credit Management on behalf of the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). The PPC covers prompt payment, as well as wider payment procedures.

As part of the PPC we undertake to:-

  1. Pay suppliers on time
  2. Give clear guidance to suppliers on payment procedures
  3. Encourage good practice throughout our supply chain