Carbon Zero

Carbon Net-Zero business model

Energy Management Ltd are at the forefront of tackling climate change. Our new Net-Zero business model utilises our 20+ years of experience to neutralise your carbon emissions.

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Six steps to Net-Zero

Our Energy Management model includes six steps to Carbon Net-Zero.
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Report conducted detailing current carbon emissions produced by your business.

This includes from all types of energy including but not limited to electricity, gas, oil, fuel(diesel/petrol).

The aim of this is to benchmark where you currently sit in terms of carbon emissions (calculation of t/CO2e produced per year).

Energy Management and the customer will work together to discuss what current procurement strategy has already been implemented.

We will then work towards converting energy contracts to green (renewable) sources.

Our industry renowned procurement services will ensure you receive the best possible terms for your contract.

We anticipate surveying all sites to identify energy saving opportunities. Our surveys would include;
  • Analysis of energy data to scan for irregularities and anomalies in energy consumption.
  • Improvements and recommendations for energy efficiency in all buildings.
  • Heating analysis and set points and time schedules for all buildings.
  • Improvement to building fabric.
  • Our recommendations will include OPEX and CAPEX savings which may include behavioural changes.
  • High level payback calculations for any technology recommendations, including financial and carbon savings.
  • We agree and implement a suitable plan of action based on our recommendations.
Energy Management will then explore the feasibility of self-generation projects such as Wind Turbines, Combined Heat & Power, Solar PV, Mini Hydro, Geothermal solutions, Heat pumps and Anaerobic Digestion. We will suggest a timeline of all technological improvements, as well as payback estimations. This will give a clear pathway to a Carbon Net Zero outcome.
Our partnership with the National Forestry Commission provides the opportunity for fully accredited carbon offsetting schemes through tree planting. To neutralise your final CO2 emissions, Carbon Offsetting is necessary. The tree planting scheme may be one of the several methods used to achieve this.
An evidence pack is produced to ascertain whether Net Zero has been achieved. We then issue you with a Carbon Net Zero certificate to prove your status as a Carbon Neutral organisation.

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