Case Study - Howard Tenens

Client: Howard Tenens

Why did they use Energy Management?

We were called upon to deliver a coordinated approach to energy procurement and billing, to save the company both time and money.

What we did for them

Our expertise has provided Howard Tenens with significant efficiencies in administration and management time, running projects so that all their utility contracts are aligned to concurrent terms starting and ending together.

Previously, Howard Tenens’ wide range of contracts were set up in a disparate fashion, across varying terms, suppliers and start and end dates. By aligning the vast majority of the contracts, and procuring in a coordinated fashion, we have helped Howard Tenens save on their significant utility costs and reduce the management burden associated with the many supplies.

What they say about us

Energy Management have provided coherent procurement for the large volume of supplies across multiple sites, and trouble-shooting for new and ‘outlying’ supplies not in the concurrent contract structure. They have delivered solutions to metering and MOP problems, and generated savings through challenging invoicing, management time reductions and effective procurement. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.” – Nic Burrows, Property Manager, Howard Tenens

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