Energy Efficency

The cheapest unit of energy is the one you never use

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is more important and high-profile than ever for businesses due to the increase in energy costs. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers will review site energy usage, from lighting, heating and boiler system management to refrigeration, and find traditional and innovative, but always sensible, ways of reducing energy costs.

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Energy Surveys/ESOS compliance

Forensic examination of your energy data allows us to pinpoint areas of your business operation where we can save you money. Using our bespoke software and vast experience of the energy industry, we are able to assess your energy performance cross your whole asset base, whether you are based on one site or across multiple locations.

Savings can be as high as 20% with minimum disruption to your business. Following the survey, we can help prioritise key improvements in an Energy Reduction Plan and then assist you with the installation of the appropriate equipment and systems.

Improvement projects

Improvement opportunities identified at your site can range from no-cost behavioural and operational type improvements, through to technical solutions requiring investment.

We can also help you to produce a thorough and robust business case for the project to smooth the application process for capital expenditure.

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