Receive a free energy health check

Free Business Energy Health Check

An Energy Management health check workshop will cost you nothing but could save you thousands of pounds.

A Senior Energy Management certified assessor will visit your organisation and present his/her ideas over the course of a morning or afternoon with the aim of highlighting energy efficiency projects that can be easily implemented with little or no capital expenditure.

Sky-high wholesale gas and electricity prices have placed even greater emphasis on organisations to become more energy efficient, especially those coming off energy contracts that were fixed when prices were comparatively low, so we would like to take this opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise in this area with you.

Energy efficiency may mean different things to many of us but for Energy Management LLP it means reducing energy consumption without compromising business throughput, output or thermal comfort and wellbeing of staff.

If you would like to hear how this can be achieved, please contact Nick Phillips on or call 07889-534290

Apprentices impress in gaining certification

Energy Management is a keen supporter of apprenticeship schemes and that faith has been rewarded with the excellent contributions of Lewis Payne and Annie Robins over the last 15 months.

Lewis and Annie have now officially completed their apprenticeships and they are already shining in their new roles in the engineering and account management departments respectively.

Lewis said: “I am very pleased to have finished my apprenticeship and earned myself a qualification in Business Administration. I have been able to broaden my knowledge of the industry massively over the last year through working alongside all of our experienced team members at Energy Management. Over the course of my first year at Energy Management, I found that my passion was for the Engineering element of the work we carry out and, as a result, I am now a part of the Engineering team and am looking forward to gaining more industry-focused qualifications in Energy Management and Surveying in the future.”

Annie said: “I am very pleased and proud to have finished my Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration. I feel like I have been able to develop a lot of skills in the business admin area and have gained more confidence in my day to day role here at Energy Management. Over the last year, the whole team have been very supportive in helping me gain experience and knowledge within the industry. I have recently undertaken the role as “Account Administration Manager” and have been given the responsibility of liaising with important customers and managing my own projects. I am hoping to develop more in my role as time goes on and am looking forward to gaining more qualifications within the industry.”

With the first intake of apprenticeships proving so successful, Energy Management hopes to be in a position to announce further recruits in the near future.

Quiz night raises over £1000 for local charity

A charity quiz night at The Boathouse in Bradford-on-Avon raised over £1000 for Hope Nature Centre.

The event was organised by Energy Management LLP and sold out with 80 guests enjoying a fun-filled evening.

Energy Management CEO Steve Retford said: “Several members of staff visit the animal park and café at Hope Nature Centre and wanted to do something to support the charity. We were planning a staff social night and thought it would be great to combine this with a fundraising event. My team really outdid themselves with organising such a fantastic night and engaging with so many local companies who gave raffle and auction prizes to help us to reach such an amazing figure of over £1000.”

Hope Nature Centre will be using the funds to finish work on the community bus, which is due to be in use from January and will have a huge impact on local schools and community groups with a wide programme of events and activities planned for 2019.

For more information on the Hope Nature Centre and their charitable work, click HERE.

Energy prices leaving you hot under the collar?

Energy efficiency may not be your bread and butter if you’re in the food and drink industry and why should it be?

But spiralling energy costs brought about by a range of geopolitical factors in 2018 make it a topic that is never far from the top of the agenda.

As the fourth highest industrial energy user in the UK, according to a report by the Carbon Trust, businesses in the food and drink industry are increasingly recognising the need to lower their energy bills, hedge against future volatility and adopt measures that help them comply with green energy legislation.

With analyst forecasts suggesting that Decarbonisation and other government social policies will account for the majority share of energy bills in the near future, compliance and energy efficiency will soon be of equal importance to procurement. The phrase ‘the cheapest unit of energy is the one you never use’ is well-liked at Energy Management LLP and for good reason.

For many organisations, time poverty means that managing the work required to reduce their energy consumption is an undesirable distraction from their core business activities. To further compound this, there may also be a lack of energy expertise and distinct skills gap creating barriers to finding savings and implementing reduction initiatives. This is where an expert reputable energy management consultancy can step in to remove these barriers and ease the way forward to effective reductions.

Energy efficiency may mean different things to many of us, for Energy Management LLP it means reducing energy consumption without compromising business throughput, output or thermal comfort and wellbeing of staff.

Energy drivers can be defined under one of the three core areas responsible for consumption; People, Process or Technology.

    • People– Human influences.
    • Process– Policies, procedures, protocols and regimes.
  • Technology– Energy consuming plant, machinery and equipment and their associated controls.

Energy Management LLP has the expertise to identify, qualify and quantify the opportunities in all three core areas

Invoice validation is also an area which can help reduce costs, did you know that one in five utility bills are wrong?

Discrepancies can occur on energy invoices, as they can on any type of bill, and, more often than not, such errors go unnoticed or unchallenged. Just like a customer of a restaurant wouldn’t leave without checking the bill was correct the same applies to your energy bill, this is when professional invoice validation can prove helpful, with the potential of saving you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds.

Procurement of Energy is also an important factor to help you reduce your costs when choosing a supplier.

Simply by following “The five R’s”

    • Right price
    • Right time
    • Right type of contract
    • Right terms and conditions
  • Right duration of contract

Out-sourcing your energy management may seem like a big step but, with energy costs higher now than they have been for the past two years, we believe understanding and controlling these costs are vital to your business’s future success.

To continue making energy savings, businesses need to have a clear visibility of their energy consumption across the whole asset base thus leading to the ability to act. Bespoke energy management portals such as Energy Management’s EM-Powered allow this to happen, whether your business operates on one site or across multiple locations.

As the name suggests, the portal empowers energy managers to compile an instant overview of their organisation’s actual energy consumption, predicted energy consumption and peak loads in an easily downloadable report.

On gaining a complete understanding of your business’s energy performance, informed decisions can then be made on energy efficiency measures.

So, whilst energy efficiency might not be your bread and butter there are many things as a business you can do towards following a path of becoming more in control of your energy usage and being more efficient. With such a wide array of benefits on offer, beginning even a small review of your business is anything but a waste of energy.

If you would like further information please contact Billy Pryke at or visit to see how we can help your business.