School partnership strengthens with festive gift

Fitzmaurice Primary School has today received a £1,000 donation from Energy Management to help towards the next phase of their Digital Leadership Programme, which started last year with the aim of safeguarding children online.

Energy Management founder Gary Weston, whose own children are former pupils of the school, handed over a cheque to Fitzmaurice headmistress, Tracey Dunn, together with art supplies and Santa sacks full of goodies for the winners of the annual design a Christmas card competition.

Last year’s champion designer, Idris, once again took the top prize worth £25 with Alba in second (both pictured) and Greta third. Idris’ colourful picture was used as the centrepiece of Energy Management’s Christmas e-card, delivered to clients up and down the country.

5 Things we learnt at Optimus Education’s Effective Financial Management in Schools Conference

Energy Management recently exhibited at Optimus Education’s Effective Financial Management in Schools Conference in London and a number of different energy-related themes were consistently brought up by visitors to our stand.

1. A holistic approach is key
Schools struggle to monitor their consumption across the board – water, electricity and gas – when dealing with multiple suppliers. As lots of schools are located across different sites, this can be problematic and confusing to anyone other than a skilled energy consultant.

2. Time poverty
Schools do not have time to procure energy effectively meaning they often get bad deals. We talked to representatives from schools who spent two days every three years procuring energy contracts; we do it 24/7, 365 days a year and pride ourselves in our ability to get the best price and best terms. Outsourcing procurement frees up time for schools to concentrate on their day-to-day core business activities.

3. Legislation minefield
We came across a few schools that were wrapped up in a minefield of red tape around compliance. Applying for VAT Decs was one specific problem identified by conference attendees. We have the skilled staff to sort out these headaches for you.

4. Energy efficiency issues
Becoming more energy efficient is a constant struggle for schools, especially older ones with Victorian-style heating systems and the lack of double-glazing. Opportunities to reduce consumption still exist though and a free energy efficiency health check workshop could help identify areas that work for you.

5. Positioning is everything!
We found schools were not constantly monitoring the energy market. Positioning yourself to be able to procure your energy at the correct time in the year is vital to cutting costs, whilst also enabling effective long-term budget management. Did you know you can secure your next renewal up to two years in advance?

Recognise any of the above issues? Working with Energy Management will not help your organisation become more energy efficient without any detriment to your output or the wellbeing of staff, but could also save you thousands of ££s.

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