2021 set to be bumper year for green energy

An even stronger year for renewable energy is being predicted in 2021, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA).

Renewables generation grew by almost 7% in 2020 despite the steep fall in global demand for energy caused by the economic upheaval related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Power generation from wind, solar and hydro sources soared and with continued investment in green technology, the IEA predicts the uptrend will continue over the next 12 months.

The IEA reports that renewable capacity additions are on track for a record expansion of nearly 10% in 2021, leading to the fastest growth since 2015.

It cites the commissioning of delayed projects in markets where construction and supply chains were disrupted during lockdown as one of the key factors behind this.

India is expected to be the largest contributor to the renewables upswing in 2021, with the country’s annual additions almost doubling from 2020.

Looking a little further afield, the IEA forecasts that total installed wind and solar PV capacity is on course to surpass natural gas in 2023 and coal in 2024 as countries strive towards meeting decarbonisation targets.

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