5 ways to help your business achieve net-zero

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With climate change hot on the agenda and businesses becoming increasingly aware of their social and environmental responsibilities, net-zero status is a goal that many are working towards in 2022.

Being net-zero means the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced through your business and related supply chain are not greater than those taken away from the earth’s atmosphere.

Some of the world’s leading brand names have pledged to meet this target by a certain date in the coming years. But it does not always need a large decarbonisation budget to achieve net-zero.

Some of the measures below will all contribute to businesses, whatever the size, making progress in the journey.

1) Green energy procurement

Business energy suppliers will offer green energy tariffs where either some or all of the energy supplied to your business will be generated from renewable sources as opposed to fossil fuel or other carbon-heavy sources.

2) Become more energy efficient

Nearly half of all business energy consumption happens outside of normal working hours. How so? Equipment that is left on standby or not turned off at all still uses energy. Ensure all your staff follow guidelines that encourage them to get into the habit of shutting down their equipment properly and become more energy efficient.

Smart heating controls and LED lighting are also two obvious and affordable measures that can easily be implemented.

3) Set up a ‘green team’

Establishing a net-zero culture is key to getting everyone on board and bringing about behavioural changes. Consider appointing a member of staff to lead this initiative and make sure standards are upheld.

4) EV charging point installation

The more access staff have to EV charging points the more likely they are to use this mode of transport for their daily commute. With the sale of new petrol and diesel cars being banned in the UK from 2030, the need will only get greater.

5) Remote working

Business transport is a major contributor to carbon emissions so, where viable, arrange for meetings to be held online instead of in-person, particularly if flights are involved. Striking the right balance between home and office working could improve productivity as well as your carbon footprint.

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