EV sales motor as the UK leaves France in its slipstream

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The UK has caught up and overtaken France in EV car sales in the first quarter of the year, a report in The Guardian has revealed.

Demand for cars with zero exhaust emissions resulted in 31,800 battery-electric cars being sold in the UK, from January to March inclusive, outstripping sales on the other side of the channel by 1,300.

Battery EVs accounted for 7.5% of UK sales in that timeframe, according to industry data, almost doubling the market share compared with the same period in 2020.

However, the UK still lags some way behind number one ranked Germany who sold over double the number (64,700) in the first three months of the year, thanks to generous subsidies.

The UK market share is also disproportionate to that enjoyed in Norway, the first European country to sell more battery-operated EVs than diesel or petrol cars in 2020.

While all the signs point to British consumers closing the gap through a steady increase in sales, drivers still have very real concerns about whether the charging infrastructure is robust enough to support this surge in demand.

With more employees, customers and visitors switching to battery-operated EVs as more affordable, attractive models enter the car market, there is an increasing need for companies to install charge points in their offices, factories and facilities to meet the demand.

Energy Management have expert knowledge in this sector and are already supporting a nationwide roll-out of EV charging installations.

To find out more, please visit our dedicated EV charging infrastructure webpage >>

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