Case Studies

EM-Powered Case Study: Restore Records Management

David English, Commercial Director of Restore tells us how EM-Powered has delivered great value over the three years of its use.

Case Study - North Somerset

Client: North Somerset Council (NSC)

NSC had been struggling to maintain their portfolio in-house and also had difficulties in their dealings with energy suppliers. Since coming on board, we have sifted out supplies that the council should not have been paying for, whilst also saving the 57 NSC-run schools and academies considerable amounts of money.

Client: Restore Records & Document Management

While securing the best price for their energy was one of their main priorities, Restore had issues over budgetary management, available capacity and also needed advice on areas such as ESOS (the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme).

Client: Howard Tenens

Howard Tenens is one of the largest privately managed logistics companies within the UK. Its commercial property portfolio extends to 3.5 million square feet across more than 15 multi-tenant sites with almost 50 gas and electricity supplies.

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