EM-Powered Case Study: Restore Records Management

Client: Restore Records Management

Restore Records Management is the largest UK-owned records management company, storing over 22 million items across 100 secure storage facilities nationwide.

Over a good number of years, Restore has benefitted from the whole portfolio of services offered by Energy Management across all its sites and were one of the first to use our bespoke energy management portal, EM-Powered.

EM-Powered is a three-way communication tool that brings together ourselves, clients and suppliers to ensure the smoothest and most accurate energy reporting process possible.

As the name suggests, the portal empowers energy managers to compile an instant overview of their organisation’s actual energy consumption, predicted energy consumption and peak loads, allowing for better account management and, ultimately, energy cost savings.

David English is Commercial Director of Restore and says EM-Powered has delivered great value over the three years of its use.

How has been your experience using the portal?
DE: It is really easy to navigate, visually it is easy to understand, and it contains all the data that we need. It’s the single access point we need to go to for analysis of our energy consumption. The technology is really stable and it works well in unison with the relationships that we enjoy with the people who look after us at Energy Management.

Why did you feel the need to use the portal?
DE: When you have a large estate like us it is key that you manage costs properly. EM-Powered allows you to track trends and flags up any anomalies. It’s a very important tool to make sure you are on budget and if you’re not, how to address that by forecasting appropriately.

What is your favourite feature?
DE: Because there is such a move towards ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), the ability to see our carbon output is critical in the move towards sustainability.

Your rating?
DE: 9/10. I’m delighted with what Energy Management do, they are good honest people to work with, and the portal has just added even more value to our relationship.