Denmark hosts global conference on energy efficiency

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The International Energy Agency’s 7th global conference on energy efficiency is currently taking place in the small Danish town of Sønderborg, best known as home to some of Europe’s largest green technology companies.

In his opening address, Denmark’s Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Dan Jørgensen, highlighted the challenges facing today’s society and presented some of the solutions that will help countries become more energy-efficient and more energy independent, especially from countries such as Russia.

“It is a conference held at the right time and if you excuse my modesty, in the right place,” he said.

“The time is right because, unfortunately, we are in the middle of an energy crisis due to the war on Ukraine and, of course, a climate crisis, and we desperately need solutions.

“It is the right place because Denmark, in general, and Sønderborg, specifically, for decades now has developed some of the solutions that we need.

“Denmark is far from perfect, we still have a long way to go. But we have taken big steps towards greening our society and making us less dependent on fossil fuels.”

The oil crisis of a half-century ago prompted Denmark to embark on a green revolution and the country became home to the first offshore wind farm.

In addition to renewable energy generation, Denmark became a forerunner in energy efficiency, one of the ways in which households and companies alike can mitigate against record oil prices as part of their overall energy management strategy.

“Energy efficiency is not only about using less of it but also about how you use it and how many times you use it.

“The IEA estimates that with faster efforts in energy efficiency we will be able to save 28million barrels a day, that is almost three times as much as Russia’s current daily oil production, or put differently, 660 billion cubic metres of natural gas a year that’s four times as much gas as the EU imports from Russia,” Mr Jørgensen points out.

The IEA 7th global conference on energy efficiency runs from 7-9 June.

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