EM-Powered – an invaluable energy management portal

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EM-Powered is designed to enable customers to accurately keep track of their own business energy consumption and ultimately have a better understanding of how this impacts on their business.

Now fully operational for nearly two years, the Energy Management-designed energy monitoring and reporting portal helps companies to accurately compile an instant overview of their organisation’s actual business energy consumption, predicted business energy consumption and peak loads in an easily downloadable report.

Especially useful for multi-site operators and energy-intensive industries, the portal can be adapted to suit individual company’s needs and is seen as an invaluable tool in energy procurement strategy by those who have enjoyed its many benefits.

These include:

  • Accurate financial reporting – Budget management tools, cost and consumption break downs. Management reports can also be downloaded for an overview of all activities. Ideal for board-level reporting.
  • Market Forward Pricing – We provide live forward and historic market trading prices. These prices can then be compared between specific dates or, alternatively, can be expanded to show a high-level overview. The portal provides the ability to set multiple price notification triggers and alerts. These alerts will then be either sent via SMS or email to the desired user. Invaluable for flex contract management.
  • Seasonal Comparison Tables – Market charges can then be compared in a table, giving the customer an accurate and concise format to measure market fluctuations. The system provides you with the current position, with a comparison to the previous day, week, month, quarter, six months and one-year prices. In addition, you have the ability to choose specific dates, forward or backward, to compare prices over any given time.
  • Market Intelligence Updates – Customers are provided with a daily market intelligence update. The portal will update three times a day providing them with the live day ahead, the month ahead and the two-month ahead prices. There will be a short commentary of why prices have fallen/risen, along with prices on Brent Crude and EU ETS Carbon, as both have an impact on UK wholesale electricity cost.
  • Daily Updates – Daily news updates are provided within the portal which gives an understanding of current geopolitical factors which may influence the market.

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