EM-Powered – the smart energy management reporting tool

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Energy Management is pleased to announce the launch of its bespoke energy management portal, EM-Powered.

Designed to enable companies to monitor and analyse their gas and electricity consumption across all areas of their business, EM-Powered gives control back to its users during a period of great volatility in the energy markets.

Tablet and mobile friendly, EM-Powered provides energy managers with an instant overview of their organisation’s actual energy consumption (to day-plus readings), predicted energy consumption and peak loads in an easily downloadable report.

As a company that has clients representing a number of different industries and sectors, Energy Management recognises the need for flexibility in the user experience. With its self-populating fields and simple checkbox functionality, EM-Powered allows clients to customise their reports accordingly.

Date ranges are alterable, so trends can be assessed over different periods of time and, for multi-site organisations, there is the ability to break down the data per site/region, per metre squared or per metre cubed or against each unit of production – a particularly useful tool in determining the energy efficiency of a plant or building.

With energy use often being the most-costly overhead outside of wages, EM-Powered is an essential tool in budget management as it not only provides accurate up-to-date data but also the ability for comparative historical analysis.

Amongst the many add-on benefits listed here, an alarm system has been built into EM-Powered to help customers avoid exceeding their Excess Capacity Allowance and run the risk of being hit with punitive penalty charges.

As well as energy reporting, EM-Powered speeds up the reporting process in other areas such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), where the savings being made can be tracked at regular intervals rather than waiting for the traditional annual report.

For further information on EM-Powered and how it may help your business, please get in touch with Ian Scattergood is@energymanagementltd.com or call 01225-867722.


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