The best way to keep track of your energy consumption

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Before any business sets about reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint, they need to conduct an energy review

EM-Powered, Energy Management’s bespoke energy management portal provides a single access point for doing just that.

Users can accurately track and forecast their gas and electricity consumption in different buildings and across multiple sites to understand where costs can be controlled.

As powering a plant and building or machinery accounts for a large proportion of total business overheads, the ability to identify areas where a company can become more energy efficient is priceless.

The portal has been operational for three years and its ability to collect and aggregate live data to an impressive degree of accuracy is particularly popular with customers.

EM-Powered comes with a host of benefits and is easy to use, with ongoing technical available whenever necessary.

If you would like to learn more about EM-Powered or to see a demonstration of how it works, please visit our dedicated web page.

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