Energy Management – Meet the Sales Team

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At Energy Management Ltd, we have a team of individuals who a wealth of experience in the energy industry, either as consultants, auditors or engineers, none more so than Malcolm Barrington.

Malcolm has been with Energy Management for the best part of two decades and is currently the company’s Senior Energy Consultant.

A motoring enthusiast and keen rugby fan, Malcolm has played a key role in helping Energy Management Ltd evolve into one of the UK’s leading consultancies.

He has a proven track record in developing partnerships with clients in a range of different sectors with a focus on reducing energy and thirty party costs.

Fuel for thought – 5 quickfire questions:

Q: Biggest issue facing the energy industry?
Going green and keeping the lights on.

Q: Biggest change you’ve seen in your time in the energy industry?
The swing from wholesale to non-commodity costs and the effect that has had on driving procurement, together with the rise of green power.

Q: Most-used energy-related phrase?
What can I do to minimise my energy budget?

Q: The most energy-efficient thing you’ve done at home?
Installed solar panels and LED lighting.

Q: Favourite activity outside of work?
Spending time in my garage, servicing, maintaining and racing classic cars.

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