The reasons for outsourcing energy procurement

Predicting the business energy price markets has been a fairly straightforward exercise over the summer months with the general trend being upward.

However, due to a number of factors directly related to the energy industry or not, this is not always the case.

Geopolitical issues can also play their part in affecting supply and demand for gas and oil, and therefore prices, which makes forecasting the markets anything but an exact science.

Industry knowledge and the right energy market tracking tools and software, however, can mitigate against some of the uncertainty and help ensure companies pay the right price for their business energy, at the right time.

Not all businesses have the necessary in-house expertise or the time or staff dedicated to identifying the peaks and troughs of power prices, which is where reputable energy consultancies come into their own, especially ones with access to bespoke energy management portals such as EM-Powered.

Outsourcing energy procurement to a trusted and reputable energy consultancy can take the pressure away from businesses and ensure they are not paying over the odds for their gas and electricity or signing up to unfavourable terms and conditions that may lead to penalty charges down the line.

With Third-Party Costs (TPCs) now making up the majority of a business’s overall energy bill, an understanding of energy legislation and keeping abreast of all the latest developments in compliance is also vital.

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