Energy procurement frameworks allow for flexibility

A blog on outlines the benefits of public sector energy procurement frameworks as a means of encouraging energy efficiency.

Control, choice and competitive pricing are some of the key benefits of an energy procurement framework.

But a blog written by Ranjit Singh, utility framework sourcing manager at HealthTrust Europe, outlines another advantage – they can help public sector bodies become greener without putting added pressure on already tight budgets.

Singh argues that investment in green technology and energy efficiency measures such as installing LED lighting and carbon compliance monitoring can pay off in the long term.

“One of the most effective ways for public sector bodies to access these high-value goods and services to unlock green energy and utilities lies within developing accessible procurement frameworks,” he reasons.

“Flexibility is the key – allowing public sector bodies more flexibility in selecting the solutions that fit their organisation best will encourage more bodies to make the switch to greener alternatives. Increased flexibility also means the public sector can be more receptive to change and innovation, able to access the most energy-efficient solutions as soon as they are available – putting the public sector at the forefront of cutting-edge green technology.

“Investing in green products will not only enhance energy efficiency but will also generate significant monetary savings, enabling local authorities to focus on other urgent priorities.”

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