Business energy procurement is best left in the hands of the specialists

Companies that do not necessarily have the in-house expertise or the time to manage their own energy demands often turn to external business energy consultants to take care of their needs.

Business energy procurement (the buying of the energy that powers your company’s premises) is not always straightforward and a trained eye is needed to avoid some common pitfalls.

Choosing the right business energy consultant is one of the key factors behind a successful energy procurement strategy.

Buying power at the right time and the right price is an art in itself considering the volatility of the market and the multitude of factors that influence price hikes and falls.

“As a Chartered Electrical Engineer I would like to make the important point that energy procurement is a technical specialist purchase,” said chairman and founder of Energy Management LLP, Gary Weston.

“Comparing apples with apples is difficult when some energy offers have pass-through clauses, and what seems like a fixed price quote is anything but.

“For example, volume penalties can distort the true costs which vary considerably between suppliers.”

Hidden errors

With one in five invoices found to contain errors, amounting to around three to five per cent of the overall cost of the bill, invoice validation is another important service offered by business energy consultants.

“Once you have the best offer in place, invoice validation and the suitability of fixed availability capacity charges require ongoing review,” he pointed out.

“And then there is the perceived black art of power factor correction, whereby the types of load connected can adversely affect the electricity supplies power factor, triggering additional costs which can be alleviated.”

Working with Energy Management can save companies valuable time and considerable amounts of money.

“Not only will you have peace of mind in the knowledge that you’re on the right contract, but that your energy costs are being managed professionally on a day-to-day basis,” Mr Weston added.

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