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What the first half of the year has reminded us of is that there are multiple variables affecting business energy prices, some predictable and others not.

Having as much insight as possible into the way different factors may lead to bullish or bearish runs in the business energy price markets is essential to good energy procurement, which is why we produce a free to download energy Market Intelligence monthly bulletin.

Available in PDF format, Market Intelligence helpfully breaks down the trends in the Gas, Oil and Electricity markets, whist giving updates on significant changes in areas such as legislation and compliance and information about Third-Party Costs (TPCs), enabling energy managers and business owners to make informed decisions when it comes to signing energy contracts with suppliers.

Whilst the business energy markets have always had the capacity to be volatile in nature, from January to June 2021 prices have arguably been influenced by a greater array of factors than ever before.

Who’d have thought that a giant cargo ship would have run aground in the Suez Canal and brought the world’s busiest trade route to a standstill for over a week, for example?

Politics has played a part too, with President Biden being sworn in and making some statement policies over carbon net-zero, whilst Brexit has been put into action over here in the UK.

Factor in decisions from OPEC+ countries over levels of oil production, cyberattacks on US oil pipelines, the maintenance season in the North Sea, the ups and downs of the British weather as well as the ever-changing picture over natural gas storage levels, and it is not hard to see why business energy prices can fluctuate so wildly.

If you feel you would like to be more informed about what shapes the business energy markets, just fill in the short form at the bottom of our home page and we will notify you as soon as the latest report is released.

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