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After a year unlike any other, forecasting business energy prices has become something of a lottery for anyone other than the best-informed analysts in the market.

At Energy Management we have a team of highly-skilled and experienced energy consultants to assist customers in determining the length and type of energy contract that is best for their business.

In the last 12 months, it has all been about peaks not troughs with prices for gas and electricity at levels previously unseen.

And while the business energy markets are as volatile as they have ever been, having that personal experience and insight, as well as bespoke market analysis software, enables us to keep customers as well informed as they can be.

Having as much insight as possible into the way different factors may lead to bullish or bearish runs in the business energy price markets is essential to good energy procurement, which is why we pool those resources together to produce a free to download Market Intelligence monthly bulletin.

Available in PDF format, Market Intelligence helpfully breaks down the trends in the Gas, Oil and Electricity markets, whist giving updates on significant changes in areas such as legislation and compliance and information about Third-Party Costs (TPCs).

If you are a business owner or energy manager and want to feel more empowered in the energy procurement decision-making process, you can download Market Intelligence or have it delivered to your inbox for free.

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