Meet the Energy Management Sales Team – Billy Pryke

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Senior Key Account Manager Billy Pryke joined the company in August 2018 direct from working with an electricity supplier for nine years, so he understands the issues on both sides of the fence.

As a life-long (and long-suffering, some would say) Ipswich Town supporter, Billy knows how to take the rough with the smooth and can manage any challenge thrown at him.

As a keen marathon runner, you know Billy is with you for the distance and he prides himself on his excellent client relationships – as well as his fitness.

Fuel for thought – 5 quickfire questions:

Q: Biggest issue facing the energy industry?
Future EV infrastructure

Q: The biggest change you’ve seen in your time in the energy industry?
The increase of Non-Energy costs and how many there are now compared to 2010.

Q: Most-used energy-related phrase?
“The cheapest KWh is the one you don’t use”

Q: Most energy-efficient thing you do (cycle, appliances at home etc.)?
Switch off all the lights/appliances in a room if no-one is using them (don’t leave appliances on standby)

Q: Favourite activity outside of work?
CrossFit and running for my mental and physical health

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