Prime Minister Johnson in green energy pledge

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As he prepares to host world leaders next month at a crucial UN climate summit, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has vowed to shift all energy production in the UK to ‘clean’ sources by 2035.

By going totally green, the U.K would be at the forefront of the drive towards a decarbonised global economy as fossil-fuelled power stations would become totally redundant.

The renewables goal would also offset the U.K’s reliance on imported energy, which has left the country vulnerable to sharp spikes in energy prices.

“Looking at what we can do with other renewable sources, carbon capture and storage, with hydrogen, potentially we think we can get to complete clean energy production by 2035,” the UK leader said.

“It will mean that for the first time the UK is not dependent on hydrocarbons coming from overseas, with all the vagaries in hydrocarbon prices and the risks that poses for people’s pockets.

“The consumer will be reliant on our own, clean power generation which will help us also to keep costs down.”

With renewables, especially offshore wind, set to play a key role in the shift to clean power, Johnson’s words will have to be followed by swift action.

Recent analysis found UK renewables growth is at its slowest since 2010, inhibiting the green energy procurement options available to customers.

The U.K needs more days like Easter Bank Holiday Monday in April which was declared the greenest yet in terms of energy production. A combination of sunny and windy conditions led to 80 percent of the energy generated coming from low-carbon sources.

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