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When you’re running a business, it is easy to get tied down with day-to-day tasks and overlook the bigger picture. But planning and tightly managing budgets is essential to a sustainable and healthy future.

Energy costs account for a large percentage of most companies overall spend and, in some cases, it is the biggest overhead, so getting the best price for your power obviously makes good business sense.

No budget is secure until that price is fixed, however, as rates can fluctuate markedly in a short period of time due to external events outside of your control.

Last year the closure of several French nuclear power plants contributed to an energy price hike, for example, adding a fortune to the budgets of those businesses who had not fixed the cost of their energy.

Presently the focus is on Scandinavia where on-going issues with Norwegian gas fields and processing plants have limited availability in the UK and contributed to pushing wholesale gas and power prices higher.

At Energy Management, our expert monitoring and analysis service enable us to keep across all market developments. Whilst no-one can predict the future 100 per cent, we are confident in our ability to secure the best contracts for our clients up to 18 months before they are due for renewal.

One of our clients with an eye-watering energy spend of £12 million contacted us the other day to talk to us about their energy contract, knowing full well that until the right energy contract is in place the overall budget is not secure.

With the onset of October, historically the busiest time for contract talks, why not get ahead of the game and act now before the negotiating table becomes very crowded?
With over 150 years’ worth of experience in energy and associated industries, we are well-placed to offer sound advice on the market and negotiate deals on your behalf from a purely independent standpoint.

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