Simple and effective ways to be more energy efficient

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With Decarbonisation and other governmental social policies accounting for over half of energy bills, compliance and energy efficiency will soon be of equal importance to procurement. The phrase ‘the cheapest unit of energy is the one you never use’ is well-liked at Energy Management LLP and for good reason.

For many organisations, time poverty means that managing the work required to reduce their energy consumption is an undesirable distraction from their core business activities. To further compound this, there may also be a lack of energy expertise and distinct skills gap creating barriers to finding savings and implementing reduction initiatives. This is where an expert reputable energy management consultancy can step in to remove these barriers and ease the way forward to effective reductions.

Energy efficiency may mean different things to many of us, for Energy Management LLP it means reducing energy consumption without compromising business throughput, output or thermal comfort and wellbeing of staff.

Here are a few tips as to how you can make your organisation more energy efficient without breaking the bank or disrupting normal business practices.


Heating costs rise by 8% for every degree of overheating but there are a number of low-cost, low-disruption steps that can be taken to safeguard against this.

  • Maintain a good service and maintenance programme to ensure boilers and heaters are functioning as they should
  • Check thermostats are correctly set so your building is only being heated at the correct time
  • Close doors on leaving a room


There are likely to be many actions you can take to improve lighting and achieve energy savings in your organisation.

  • Installation of LED lighting can make a significant difference to overall energy costs
  • Educate staff to turn off lights when they’re not needed
  • Fit timer devices or use occupancy sensors
  • Make the most of natural light coming into the building


Refrigeration costs can make for chilling reading and, in some cases, account for over half the overall spend on electricity.

  • Ensure doors to refrigerated areas are kept closed
  • Check seals to refrigeration units are in good condition
  • Don’t overfill units as blocked air flow reduces efficiency
  • Upgrade old units

It is also worth supporting these measures by carrying out an energy audit, conducted by a fully certified energy assessor such as the ones provided by Energy Management.


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