ESOS Phase 2 Compliance

The ESOS Phase 2 deadline passed on December 5th 2019, but it’s not too late to act. Our experienced team can help you mitigate any fines by starting the compliance process as soon as possible. Penalties are issued on a time scale for non-compliance, so time is of the essence. Failure to comply altogether could result in a fine of up to £90k.

For immediate assistance please contact Nick Phillips on 01225 867722 or  Request a callback

We can help mitigate ESOS fines

We can help mitigate ESOS fines

Start work towards ESOS compliance

Our EXPERT team can help your company comply with ESOS Phase 2.

ESOS Phase 2

ESOS (The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) is a mandatory energy assessment scheme that applies to large UK undertakings and their corporate groups that are large enough to meet the qualification criteria set out below.

Do you need to comply this time around?

You will if you have either:

  • An average of more than 250 employees
  • Turnover greater than or equal to €50,000,000 and a balance sheet of €43,000,000.

Failure to comply will result in a range of financial penalties up to £90,000, as well as being publicly named as a non-compliant company.