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Invoice Validation

Typically 1 in 5 energy related invoices are wrong. At Energy Management we use a bespoke invoice-validation system to highlight any errors for action to be taken as quick as possible to recover or prevent any over charges. It has also been proven that customers often pay 5% more than they should for their energy through normally undiscovered errors. By having Energy Management do this for you we can save you money and hours on a time-consuming task.

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Carbon Zero

We can support you reaching your net zero target. We will analyse your HH data to scan for anomalies and irregularities as well as conducting a detailed energy and carbon report and reviewing all your utility contracts. Energy management will assess your current renewable/sustainable schemes and survey every site. Surveys include; improvements and recommendations for energy efficiency, high level pay back for any technology recommendations including financial and carbon savings, heating analysis, improving building fabric and exploring carbon offsetting. We will suggest a timeline plan of action with a clear pathway to a Carbon Zero outcome. Our energy managers then work with you to implement any changes to reach your goals. Once completed you are issued with a certificate.

Let us support you in reaching Carbon Zero

Energy efficiency / Cost savings

Our Energy Managers can carry out detailed on site surveys to assess the efficiency of your business; this results in finding where the most energy is being used and where costs can be cut. We also use HH data analysis to define this further. For example, exact timings that energy is being wasted (shutting down and opening times). Carbon reduction opportunity plans can then be put in place as to how you can effectively reduce the energy consumption of your business.

Multi Sites

Energy Management are specialists in maintaining multi-site portfolios. We understand the pains of multi-site management and have developed our bespoke internal systems to streamline the management process. Currently, we service customers with sites spanning well over 1000 in number across the UK and look after the procurement for over 450 fuel stations.

Portal Management

Our bespoke portal, EM-Powered, is a three-way communication tool that brings together ourselves, clients and suppliers to ensure the smoothest and most accurate energy reporting process possible, which provides you with 24-7 access to your energy data. EM-powered collates all energy information in one portal, allowing thorough yet simple analysis for multiple or singular sites.

EM-Powered Portal

Budget management

Our highly skilled sales team will support you with securing energy contracts that suit your budget and ensure you’re utilising the energy you consume. This can also be done using our engineering support to look at how the business can be more energy efficient through site visits and HH (Half Hourly) data collection.

Tendering made simple

Due to our experience, we understand that tendering for multi-sites can be extremely intensive. We are capable of tendering multiple supplies with efficiency and ease, freeing up your valuable time to spend on the things that matter the most to your business.

Consolidated Billing

Our great relationship with the suppliers means we can sort out multiple options for you in terms of billing. For example, if you have multiple sites/meters we can organise for the supplier to produce one invoice (for multiple sites).

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