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  • Energy Management is a leader among

    independent energy consultancies

    and brokers in the UK
  • We minimise your

    energy costs
  • We get your energy budgets

    under control
  • We take workload and stress away from you,

    while keeping you in


Business Energy Consultants 

Who we are

Energy Management: a leader among independent energy consultancies & brokers in the UK. As business energy consultants we share a unique depth of knowledge about the energy industry with our blue-chip customers &, between us, our team offers 150 years’ worth of relevant experience in related fields, including at utility companies.

What we do

We work for Finance, Facilities and Procurement Managers who need to understand and work with complex and volatile business energy markets. We provide the full range of business energy advice, market reports and negotiating skills that help secure your business energy requirements and your bottom line.

To minimise
your energy costs
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‘We do the work while you pay less for your energy’

We minimise energy costs

We bring budgets under control

  • referencing your historical energy data, we help you estimate budgets, taking into account consumption and future market rates
  • using unique in-house budget management software, we monitor energy markets and report ongoing budget performance

We put you back in control

  • by managing invoice validation and budget control
  • through management of large site portfolios - additions, disposals and increase in capacities
  • by keeping you informed with updates and bulletins
  • through regular personal contact triggered by automated energy market Sentry Alarms

What our clients say

  • “Energy Management has taken away the pain of controlling power and enabled us to look at the big picture elsewhere in our business, so that we can focus on people and property.”

    restore logo 
    David English, Commercial Director, Restore Records Management

  • They provide unrivalled expert advice in the field of energy management which has resulted in significant cost savings for the benefit of the Council.  Their service is very flexible, proactive and highly professional which supports the Council in dealing with highly technical matters.”

    north somerset council logo 
    Ian Blackburn, Principal Commercial & Compliance Officer, North Somerset Council

You’ll be amazed at how much time and money we can save you!

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