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  • Energy procurement

Energy procurement

Why is energy procurement important to your business? 

Powering factory machinery, cooling supermarket refrigerators, heating offices, maintaining computers at a constant hum – keeping the wheels of industry and commerce turning burns a lot of money. Keeping on top of your energy needs and how your supplier meets them can also consume a lot of your valuable time.

At Energy Management, we understand the market and its dynamics. The volatile, complex and fast-paced energy markets combined with spiralling costs make buying energy far from straightforward. We minimise your energy costs through tendering and negotiating to fix prices when energy markets are low.

Our years of experience and excellent energy provider relationships mean we can find you the most appropriate and competitive contract structure that balances your appetite for risk with return.

It’s also our job to get your energy budgets under control and help you keep them there. Whether that’s through estimating, by looking at current consumption versus future market rates, monitoring and reporting ongoing performance or through invoice validation, we will take the workload and the stress away from you so that you can get on with your core business.

Find out the detail about our professional energy procurement services below or contact us to learn more about our energy procurement services.

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We will negotiate agreements based on the crucial factors of length, type and timing of energy contracts. And we can set up automated energy market Sentry Alarms that will trigger a conversation to ensure we keep on re-negotiating favourable terms throughout the life of the contract. Read more on our tendering & negotiation services
Your company’s needs are unique. We get to know your business and work with you to develop the energy procurement strategy that delivers the best performance for your needs, balancing close management with financial risk. Read more on our risk management services
It’s our business to know the inside line on markets, trends and technologies – identifying opportunities to improve performance beyond your expectations. We pass the latest news to our customers, so they can make a well-informed decision about what they would like to do next. Read more on our market information services

You’ll be amazed at how much time and money we can save you!

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