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  • Water savings

Water savings

From April 2017, big changes to the water and sewerage market are on their way. DEFRA is pushing through a set of reforms that will open up water supply and demand as never before. These changes will benefit users as they will increase competition from suppliers and create opportunities to negotiate better contracts, particularly in terms of improved service levels.

The Energy Management team has invested in new systems and processes to help manage the anticipated increase in demand, but we already have the knowledge and expertise so we can help you now with substantial reductions and controls over your water bills through the following areas:

  1. Water procurement
  2. Tariff reviews
  3. Consumption and leak monitoring

Water procurement

Many businesses now have a choice of water suppliers and this has particular benefits in terms of improved service levels. In addition to the specialist procurement services of tendering and negotiating reductions, water companies are including added value services which can greatly reduce overall costs, such as remote metering, leak surveys and consolidated billing.

Tariff reviews

The complexity of modern invoices and the charges seemingly buried within them mean that many businesses do not make the most of existing tariff structures that can save them money. We understand water and sewerage charges and can help you make those savings in areas such as: cost of water supply; return to sewer; metering; waste water, and trade effluent charges.

Consumption and leak monitoring

Water pipes are buried out of sight and there’s little visible means of observing how well a supplier cares for their pipe network. So it’s no surprise to learn that water leaks often go unnoticed for years and there’s little ongoing monitoring of consumption. But there are steps you can take to reduce and control your business water costs. Energy Management can help coordinate  on-site leak detection surveys – checking meters buried in the ground – and install remote accessible metering. These intelligent meters measure and produce consumption graphs and, if there’s an unexplained spike for example, will raise the alarm so that action can be taken to establish the location of the leak. A little quicker than waiting a couple of years for the water company to read the meter in the ground.

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