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Monitoring, controlling and conserving energy and water use whilst keeping up to date with environmental compliance can be a time-consuming and often complicated task for any business. As an independent professional body, we take care of that process for a small fraction of the overall energy and water spend, enabling our clients to focus on what they do best.

Business Energy Consultants

Our highly-experienced team of engineers negotiate with suppliers to secure the most favourable energy and water contracts, in terms of price, length and the terms and conditions. In addition to our energy procurement skills, we provide a multitude of other services such as invoice validation, risk and budget management, change of tenancy, capacity allowance and smart meter management, legislation and compliance and technical advice.

In essence, our knowledge is your power.

  • Search once for all the major energy suppliers
  • Extended fixed pricing for up to 60 months
  • No sign up, no commitment required
  • Potentially saving your business £1,000s
  • Specialist Business Energy Consultants

Case Study: Restore Document Management

Restore Document Management are the largest UK-owned records management company, servicing 4,000 small, medium and blue-chip-sized companies from over 100 storage, scanning and shredding facilities the length and breadth of the UK.

Restore called on Energy Management’s expertise because, like most companies, energy was a significant overhead. While securing the best price for their energy was one of their main priorities, Restore and Energy Management also identified a number of areas requiring further support such as accurate budgetary management, invoice validation and an Available Capacity review. This support continually evolves with changes in legislation, ESOS being a recent example (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme).

“They have delivered results, there are no two ways about it. We have made instant savings from day one with minimum fuss. Most importantly, I trust them.” – David English, Commercial Director, Restore Records Management

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Energy Management News

Latest Energy Updates

Northern PowerGrid Trials Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Technology

October 15th, 2019

Northern power grid announced they will run an energy storage trial involving electric vans in order to restore power to customers during a power cut. According to Northern power one van would be enough to power 3 small homes for 24 hours and the first ‘silent power project’ will be on the streets of their area for the first time this month. The silent power batteries aim to be more reliable than diesel generators. With Northern power currently deploying more than 2,500 diesel generators annually to provide temporary power restoration during planned and unplanned power cuts throughout the year.

‘Aviation Sector Needs To Set Net-Zero Plan ‘As Soon As Possible’

October 11th, 2019

Heathrow’s chief executive John Holland-Kaye stated that the aviation sector needs to input a net-zero strategy and large imposing costs will not deter people from flying, which could also make Britain noncompetitive. He went on to say that aviation is a way of improving people’s quality of life and currently only represents 2-3% of global carbon emissions which is significantly less than cement or steal. John also talked about the importance of affordable air travel and how it’s changed our lives beyond recognition, from the movement of goods and services to making different cultures and experiences accessible. It’s not only rich western countries that have benefited from tourism and exports. Mr Holland-Kaye also said if we can decarbonise aviation, then we can do the same in every sector of our economy.

What Is Stopping People From Swapping to Greener Habits?

October 10th, 2019

On the 20th September the Climate strikes were the largest to date, showing that the public attitude toward sustainability is changing. However, there are still barriers to green behaviour changes, this is shown through several surveys that have been carried out to identify what effects people’s behaviour and makes adopting greener behaviour a challenge. One that was highlighted in the media particularly was uSwitch which asked 2,002, RinGo 2010 and Metro rod 2,200 adults their views on funding net zero and the low-carbon domestic technologies. The results showed three quarter of the respondents are concerned about the impacts of climate change but less than 31% would be willing to pay for the infrastructure required. However, 85% of people have made changes to become more energy efficient at home. 53% would like to buy an EV if the cost was the same as a petrol/diesel.

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