Whether it be procurement, bureau or engineering services, we will be able to support you with any time consuming and complicated tasks.

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The complete energy management consultancy

Monitoring, controlling and conserving energy and water use whilst keeping up to date with environmental compliance can be a time-consuming and often complicated task for any business. As an independent professional body, we take care of that process for a small fraction of the overall energy and water spend, enabling our clients to focus on what they do best.

Business Energy Consultants

Our highly-experienced team of engineers negotiate with suppliers to secure the most favourable energy and water contracts, in terms of price, length and the terms and conditions. In addition to our energy procurement skills, we provide a multitude of other services such as invoice validation, risk and budget management, change of tenancy, capacity allowance and smart meter management, legislation and compliance and technical advice.

In essence, our knowledge is your power.

  • Search once for all the major energy suppliers
  • Extended fixed pricing for up to 60 months
  • No sign up, no commitment required
  • Potentially saving your business £1,000s
  • Specialist Business Energy Consultants


Case Study: Restore Document Management

Restore Document Management are the largest UK-owned records management company, servicing 4,000 small, medium and blue-chip-sized companies from over 100 storage, scanning and shredding facilities the length and breadth of the UK.

Latest Energy Updates

Government Unveils Plans For £1.2bn Climate ‘supercomputer’

February 20th, 2020

The government has promised to strengthen the UK’s resilience to flooding and drought by investing £1.2 billion in the world’s most advanced weather and climate forecaster. This ‘supercomputer’ will provide data to more accurately predict storms, select the most suitable locations for flood defences and predict changes to the global climate. This will be managed by the Met Office, as well as sharing data with the Environment Agency and energy sector.

Can Flexible Work spaces Help Businesses Reduce Their Carbon Footprint?

February 19th, 2020

More companies move their corporate real estate portfolios to account for a growing flexible work space market, a new report suggests that this could help improve staff health and well being while cutting carbon emissions. Flexibly work spaces are constantly growing in popularity. Colliers International has suggested that the number of flexible work spaces in Europe increased by 205% between 2014 and 2018 and saw the number of providers grow by 138%. Additional research from JLL suggests that up to 30% of corporate real estate portfolios will be flexible work space by 2030.

UK Universities Receive £1.26m Boost For Low-Carbon Street Map

February 18th, 2020

Scientists at the universities of Sheffield and Leeds have been awarded £1.26m to accelerate their work developing low-carbon solutions for the steel sector. The funding, awarded by the government-backed centre for research into Energy demand solutions, will be used by teams working to develop a roadmap for decarbonising the UK’s steel industry in line with the national 2050 net-zero target. In response to the issue on a UK scale, the research at Sheffield and Leeds universities will result in the creation of a fully-costed roadmap, taking into account the policy, finance and technological changes that will need occur of the next three decades.