Client Energy Monitoring and Reporting Portal

All of Energy Management’s clients enjoy the benefits that come with our bespoke energy management portal, EM-Powered.

EM-Powered is a three-way communication tool that brings together ourselves, clients and suppliers to ensure the smoothest and most accurate energy reporting process possible and provides you with 24-7 access to your energy data.

Live reporting data

Instead of waiting for data to come back from suppliers, EM-Powered has the capacity to collect and aggregate data live, to an impressive degree of accuracy, allowing for better account management at both ends. This enables energy or finance managers to put an estimated cost against their energy consumption before the fully validated figure is available. Comparisons between the two are then presented, in easy to read graphs.

Due to the many factors that affect supply and demand the energy market is particularly prone to volatility. With access to historical wholesale gas and electricity price graphs, EM-Powered is an invaluable resource for monitoring how the overall picture is shaping up in the UK and in mainland European countries.

As a company that has clients representing a number of different industries and sectors, we recognise the need for flexibility in the user experience. With its self-populating fields and simple check box functionality, EM-Powered allows clients to customise their reports accordingly.

Date ranges are alterable, so trends can be assessed over different periods of time and, for multi-site organisations, there is the ability to break down the data per site/region, per metre squared or per metre cubed or against each unit of production – a particularly useful tool in determining the energy efficiency of a plant or building.

As well as energy reporting, EM-Powered speeds up the reporting process in other areas such as the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), where regular updates on how much an organisation is saving through this government scheme are available rather than the traditional annual report.

EM-Powered Login

EM-Powered Dashboard

EM-Powered Data Screen

Energy reporting tools

As the name suggests, the portal empowers energy managers to compile an instant overview of their organisation’s actual energy consumption, predicted energy consumption and peak loads in an easily downloadable report.

An executive option within the EM-Powered portal allows clients to add their own tailored commentary to the standard report, helping to explain mitigating factors that may have adversely affected energy consumption or just a general overview of the current reporting period.

EM-Powered helps clients to present their energy consumption information in a timely and professional manner, and ultimately make better-informed procurement decisions when it comes to negotiating their next contract.

Individually branded, EM-Powered reports are available to download as a hard copy or in PDF format.

EM-Powered - Monthly Consumption

A summary of the features and benefits of EM-Powered

  • Validated and live data for monthly energy consumption, accumulative energy consumption, monthly energy costs and accumulative energy costs for Electricity, Sub100’s and Gas supplies
  • Comparison figures from previous years
  • Energy and cost figures compared to budgets
  • Presents Half-Hourly data and alarm settings to early indicate issues with capacity allowances
  • Invoice validation reporting
  • Open project reporting with current status
  • Ideal for large multi-site, multiple supplies due to range of options
  • Capable of producing performance tables against known outputs (i.e. how many kW’s are required in the production of xx kgs of product, or how many kW’s are required per m2 of floor space, etc.)
  • CCA Reporting
  • Historical Electricity, Gas wholesale price graphs and trends
  • Historical European energy price graphs and trends
  • Energy Management Market Intelligence library
  • Self-populating energy reporting tool ideal for those having to produce monthly/annual reporting, (both in consumption and monetary terms)
  • Live data capability allows for better account management
  • Produces professional energy reports in a quick and efficient manner, saving time and hassle
  • Comparative data analysis tool enables clients to manage energy consumption and control energy budgets
  • Regular CCA updates
  • Early warning system offsets risk

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