Energy Management Portal

Our energy management portal - EM-Powered - is available to all of Energy Management’s clients. Its many benefits and capabilities ensure a high degree of accuracy in the business energy reporting process.

Energy Management Portal example

Below is an interactive demonstration using example consumption data. By changing the date range selection, you can see how easily each chart can be tailored to your business reporting requirements. Hovering on each bar of the chart shows further data, including percentage deviation from budgeted consumption.

A summary of the features and benefits of EM-Powered

  • Monthly energy consumption is validated and updated overnight (including Invoice validation reporting), accumulative energy consumption, monthly energy costs and accumulative energy costs for Electricity, Sub100’s and Gas supplies
  • EM-Powered is an ideal self-populating tool for clients producing monthly/annual reports (both in consumption and monetary terms). Other added benefits include the ability to compile CCA reports and compare figures and budgets from previous years.
  • Presents Half-Hourly data to indicate early issues with capacity allowances
  • Open project, current status & marketing intelligence reporting
  • Capable of producing performance tables against known outputs (i.e. how many kW’s are required per m2 of floor space, etc.)
  • Historical Electricity, Gas and European energy price graphs and trends
  • Comparative data analysis data tool assists clients with their energy consumption management and helps energy budget control

Energy Management Portal - Live reporting data

EM-Powered, our energy management portal, actively collects and aggregates live data, ensuring account management accuracy without relying on supplier information. Finance or energy managers can then anticipate their energy costs before validated figures are available, and clear graphs provide comparisons.

Access to historical wholesale gas and electricity price graphs is another crucial feature of EM-Powered. It proves invaluable in a volatile energy market, tracking changes in the UK and across mainland Europe.

We've built flexibility into EM-Powered to cater to our clients across various industries and sectors. Features such as self-populating fields and a simple checkbox system allow for tailored reporting.

Energy Management Portal - EM-Powered

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EM-Powered Dashboard

Users also benefit from adjustable date ranges, enabling trend analysis over different periods. For multi-site organisations, site-specific or region-specific data breakdowns are possible, greatly aiding energy efficiency assessments.

In addition, EM-Powered expedites reporting for the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC). Regular updates replace traditional annual reports, keeping organisations informed of their government scheme savings.

Notably, clients can add their own commentary to standard reports using an executive option in EM-Powered, helping to contextualise any factors affecting energy consumption.

Designed for professionalism and timeliness, EM-Powered assists clients in presenting energy consumption data and making informed procurement decisions. For that extra personal touch, clients can individually brand their downloadable EM-Powered reports in PDF format.

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