The Zoom boom: How broadband providers can manage energy costs

Knowing your megawatts from your megabytes is crucial for booming broadband providers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

IT and the internet is one of the boom industries of the last 12 months due to the changing behaviours brought about by the global pandemic

With working from home and home schooling becoming ‘the new norm’ during lockdown it has highlighted the need for an improved broadband network that covers all of the UK not just certain postcodes.

This increased demand – UK internet use has more than doubled in 2020, according to Openreach – has seen tech companies roll out network expansion plans and upgrades, creating thousands more jobs in this sector.

With increased demand comes the need for additional power supplies and meter installation is only the start of the process.

Clarity in energy reporting

To be able to understand and therefore save on energy procurement costs, it goes without saying that a business needs to know how much energy it is consuming in the first place – and when and where.

It is advisable for companies with a high volume of meters, such as a broadband provider or an ISPs to consolidate the captured data from meter readings in one place, such as an energy management portal, where it can easily be monitored and digested.

EM-Powered allows users to have a clear view of all their meters in one place, making it ideal for clients with 50+ meters on their portfolio.

Energy consumption and spend can be tracked on a monthly basis across all sites and can be broken down into bespoke groups, dependant on the client’s preference of reporting.

Only pay for what you use

One of the many added benefits to an energy management portal, such as EM-Powered, is that it helps to mitigate against errors in energy billing.

Invoice validation is a critical aspect to energy cost control because our experience tells us that as many as one in five energy bills are incorrect, with an average overcharge amounting to three to five per cent of the bill’s overall value.

EM-Powered helps to flag up any anomalies that might come about through misread meter readings or the wrong tariff being applied to a meter.

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