EM-Powered given star energy management rating by prestigious client

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Our energy management portal, EM-Powered, has received top marks from one of its longest users, Restore Records Management.

With 100 secure storage facilities sites spread across the United Kingdom, EM-Powered has been invaluable to the Surrey-based company as a tool to understand and evaluate their energy consumption whilst also tracking their carbon output.

Both user-friendly and adaptable to the needs of clients from a wide variety of fields, EM-Powered has been actively helping clients for the last three years and continues to be upgraded.

“When you have a large estate like us it is key that you manage costs properly. EM-Powered allows you to track trends and flags up any anomalies. It’s a very important tool to make sure you are on budget and if you’re not, how to address that by forecasting appropriately,” said Restore’s Commercial Manager David English.

EM-Powered’s technology and the customer-focused approach at the heart of Energy Management’s DNA make for a winning combination, says Mr English.

“I’m delighted with what Energy Management do, they are good honest people to work with, and the portal has just added even more value to our relationship. I’d rate it 9 out of 10.”

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