A flick of the switch that could help save hospitality

The default position of a lot of people is to fear change, they feel safer when surrounded by familiarity and adopting the same practices that have served them well.

Nothing wrong with that. But what happens when things aren’t going so well, and action needs to be taken?

Inertia often still applies because those charged with the decision-making process find it difficult to break out of the cycle of continuity.

Shop around

Changing energy suppliers, like your internet provider, for example, may feel like an onerous task because of the perceived paperwork involved, but it really does pay to shop around, especially at a time when finances are at their tightest.

Just think how good you would feel if you could save £20,000 per annum simply by switching suppliers and getting yourself a better deal. The savings made could even save you the difficult decision of having to let a member of staff go.

The hospitality industry knows better than most how badly Covid-19 has affected income, yet a report has found that 20% of hospitality providers last changed business energy supplier up to five to six years ago.

More than a quarter admitted they were (not so) blissfully unaware of how much they were paying for their units of electricity and gas, according to YU Energy survey of business owners.

Time is money

Of course, many business owners do not have the time or the energy industry expertise to deal with energy procurement personally, which is where a reputable business energy consultant can help.

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