Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Installation – Are you ready for the EV revolution?

EV’s have been around for some time but only in the past 12 months have we seen this market explode.  UK government’s commitment to Net Zero Carbon emissions and improvements in Battery tech allowing even faster charging of EV have opened up many doubters’ eyes over the viability of EV’s.  There is no doubt this is the future for road vehicles based on today’s thinking.

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1000% increase in the purchase EVs in the last 5 years!

With more employees, customers and visitors switching to Electric Vehicles (EVs) as more affordable, attractive models enter the car market, there is an increasing need for companies to install charge points in their offices, factories and facilities to meet the demand.

Energy Management have expert knowledge in this sector and are already supporting a nationwide roll-out of EV charging installations.

For more information on EV Infrastructure support, please contact a member of the team on 01225 867722 or  Request a callback

Why switch to electric vehicles?

  1. The environment – as part of its commitment to Net Zero Carbon emissions, the U.K government has pledged to ban all petrol and diesel cars by 2040.
  2. Improvements in battery technology allow for even faster charging
  3. A wider range – there will be more than 350 new EV models on the market by 2025
  4. Company car tax on EVs is typically 0% compared to 35% for petrol and diesel vehicles (2020/21)
Electric Vehicle Charging Installation

Electric Vehicle Charging Installation

EV/Diesel Saving Comparison (£)

BMW (Diesel) Tesla Model 3
Employee's Tax Cost £4,798 £0
Employer's Tax Cost £1,655 £0

The Process

Energy Management have expert knowledge in this sector, we are already supporting a nationwide roll out of EV charging installations.

Initial scoping

Energy Management will work with you to establish the electricity supply infrastructure requirements to match your EV charging requirements be that 50 KW chargers, 150 KW chargers or even the latest 350 KW chargers.

Plan of action

Energy Management will collate, analyse and present all options available to you.


Energy Management will liaise directly with your project manager, the local DNO/IDNO and our HV engineering specialist partners to ensure a fully compliant project is delivered on time.

Where “Outside of the box” solutions are required – Energy Management have access to a wide range of alternative solution providers.  Allowing challenging projects to get over the start line and ultimately the finishing line with the desired results.

This includes technological solutions such as;

  • CHP
  • Battery storage

EV installation is ideal for anywhere accessible to road vehicles.  With demand for EV charging on the increase, charger numbers will also need to increase to meet demand.  Examples location for chargers include; Public car parks, hotels, service stations, places of work, shopping centres, sports centres.

For more information on EV support, please contact a member of the team on 01225 867722 or  Request a callback